What’s For Dinner? Second Helpings: Cookbook Review

What’s For Dinner? Second Helpings: Cookbook Review.

I am not really a book worm, I don’t find time to read novels, most of my reading is done on-line. In saying that I do love a good cook book. Looking at photos of different foods and especially cakes, reading how they are made, planning the time to give the recipe a try. I can get lost, slumped in a corner for hours with a new cook book. Lost in a world of colours, flavours and tastes. Fabulous.

Last week I was kindly asked to review a new cook book “what’s for dinner? second helping written by Romilla Arber. This award-winning cookery book is wrote by Romilla, a mum of 4 (like me) who had to self-publish “What’s for Dinner? Second Helpings”.

About the Cookbook:

This mouth watering book full of amazing recipes for a family of 6. A great book for families who want to start cooking from scratch or those who just require a little inspiration. What’s for Dinner? Second Helpings” is THE ONLY cookery book in the UK whereby 100% of sale proceeds benefit a charity, The Food Education Trust (Food Education Trust), founded by Romilla Arber in 2008. Hailed as a kitchen bible by its many users, it is 767 pages in length and has an RRP of £25.00.

About the Food Education Trust:

The Food Education Trust is an independent charity. The Food Education Trust provides children and adults with cookery skills so they can learn how to make good, nutritious, home cooked meals from scratch and rely less on processed and pre-packed foods. In the four years since it began, The Food Education Trust has touched the lives of many people.. Funding comes solely from sales of Romilla’s cookery books: “What’s for Dinner?” and the award-winning “What’s for Dinner? Second Helpings”, which have together raised over £20,000 to date, all of which is invested in the trust.

What I think of the cook book:

I was so excited to open the parcel, the book is massive, (I love the smell of a new book) I opened the book and was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful pictures inside with inspiring recipes that even I am more than capable of making. The book is jam packed full of delightful foods all using good wholesome fresh ingredients.

After getting lost in the food zone for a few days, reading the wonderful recipes and admiring the beautiful pictures I made some Chewy Pistachio bars.

One thing I hate when you find an amazing book, is when you sit down and plan some fun and tasty meals and then find out the recipes you like have lots of special ingredients that you need. They always seem to be things you would never buy and would probably never use again. Worse still when the recipes are just too hard to follow, the book then just gets added to your bookshelf gathering dust.

I can confirm this will not happen with this BOOK…

The book is full of wonderful delicious fresh family meals puddings and treats. A large book packed with 521 tasty looking recipes. The chapters are all split into months of the year, perfect then for taking advantage of ingredients that are in season.

This is my kind of book simple to follow, easy sourced ingredients, mostly healthy with the odd fresh treat for your sweet tooth to savour. Wonderful.

Chewy pistachio bars

I wanted to make everything at the weekend! Not possible… So I started with some chewy pistachio bars and they tasted amazing..

About this post-

I got sent a copy of the cook book what’s for dinner? second helpings for the purpose of this review . I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own honest opinion.

Claire Justine
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  1. Sharon S
    26 November 2013 / 21:09

    Sounds a really great book, will love to see any recipes you try in future!!

  2. Judy Haughton-James
    26 November 2013 / 19:25

    This book certainly sounds like a great cookbook Claire! The food looks so yummy! It is also wonderful that it is providing funds for a worthy cause.

  3. Sarah
    25 November 2013 / 21:00

    The book book sounds AMAZING!! Lovely review 🙂 xx