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What’s In Your Fridge? MTV Cribs Style

What’s In Your Fridge? MTV Cribs Style.

What’s In Your Fridge might I ask?

What's In Your Fridge? MTV Cribs Style

Love watching MTV Cribs!!

Today I am sharing a fun MTV Cribs Style post. Don’t you just looking inside other peoples fridge? Having a noisy into someone else’s lives? I know I do!! Ha-ha.

What’s In Your Fridge? MTV Cribs Style:

Here is what is in our fridge.

What's In Your Fridge? MTV Cribs Style

Here is a peak inside a mum of 4 children’s fridge!!

What's In Your Fridge? MTV Cribs Style

3 Frijj milkshakes

10 litres milk 

34 yoghurt’s 

20 apples 

15 oranges

8 kiwi’s

8 plums

7 pears

1 box strawberries

2 bags grapes

1 melon

1 pineapple

3 pizzas (for after my race tomorrow with my red wine)

6 ham

3 strong cheese

52 sausages

1 pork 

1 mince beef

4 lettuces

1 cucumber

1 punt cherry tomatoes

3 Lucozades

3 water 

1 water jug

1 tin of tuna

and Easter eggs.

To name a few.

What's In Your Fridge? MTV Cribs Style

All I need now is a MTV Crib style fridge. One of those big American fridges would be amazing. So I could spread everything out!!

Come Friday I will have it all to do again as this food will not last long!!

What’s in your fridge?

What’s In Your Fridge? MTV Cribs Style.

You could always make some of these recipes to add into your fridge if you have a little space:

6 Trifle Recipes To Try Out: Perfect For Christmas:

We love trifles here. One of my husband favourite treats. I love to make trifles recipes up and trying different ones out. Especially at Christmas.

Something kinda special about making fun trifles recipes up. They remind me of my grandma. She always made them at Christmas. They also remind me of being little. Every birthday party I went to had some kind of trifles or jelly and cream at them.

6 Trifle Recipes To Try Out: Perfect For Christmas.

What do you think? Fancy making something from the list?

Anyway want to share what is in your fridge?

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6 thoughts on “What’s In Your Fridge? MTV Cribs Style

  1. Love this! You have lots of healthy things in your fridge! I've never tried the Frijj milkshakes before…:)

  2. I can't help laughing at your fridge picture it is so similar to mine! Thank goodness other people buy as much milk as me. Our fridge is full of fruit, vegetables, yogurts, milk, eggs, low fat yogurt and cottage cheese. We have no treats in there at the moment they will probably be in there on Saturday.

  3. theses shoes rock!! i am left very very sad after this though, as i miss primark as much as i miss the pound shop in the UK!!i shall fly back especially…well, maybe not! but next time i'm over i'm getting my ass in primark! (and the pound shop)see you soon!tamsyn x

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