Where It All Began : Flashback Friday…

Warning: cringy photos and lots of use of haha and hehe!!

For lots of different reasons this week I have been doing a lot of thinking about my blog!!

When I started it, why I started it and where it will lead me!?! 

I have come a long way since my first post. 

My photography has improved. 

I am more confident in myself and now I actually smile in photos.

My Flashback Friday photos are from where it all began..

Over 4 years ago..

Short hair!

Haha how afraid did I look 4 years ago?

Hehe, I can laugh at myself more now too!!

When I started my blog:

4 and a half years ago. Wow where has the years gone?

What made me start my blog:

Seeing an American clothing challenge called the Six Items Or Less (siol) challenge in a UK online newspaper.

Reading the story made me hop over to their website and join the challenge. Sadly this website has now gone!!

The clothing challenge was about wearing what you already own. No shopping for a month and making the most out of only 6 items of clothing. How many different outfits you could make by wearing only 6 item. I made all the above.

Before this challenge I had not even hear of a blog. I loved every minute of reading peoples blogs and finding new ones.

A little posing, hehehehe…

How serious??????

Can you believe I still own most of these clothes above!!

Nearly a smile!?!

So here it is, my Flashback Friday is from 4 years ago. 

Now I leave you with a new and more confident me 🙂

I am so proud of everything I have learned myself. 

I have come a lone way in over 4 years, learned so much and have some amazing readers!! 

I hope to take the next step soon and make my love of blogging into a part time job as I need some money! A job ! And don’t want to stop blogging..

Claire Justine
Claire Justine

Hi, I am Claire and I created Claire Justine in 2011. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them. Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Kezzie
    3rd July 2015 / 8:46 pm

    You've done well! And that floral tiered skirt on the left in the collage with the black and white flowered skirt- I HAD that and I LOVED it!!! Why oh why did I get rid of it! It was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!xxIt's been great having you as a blog friend! I think also, that you were one of my first followers, unless it was another Claire Justine, but I couldn't get through GFC at the time to see your blog!x

    • Clairejustine oxox
      3rd July 2015 / 9:19 pm

      Kezzie, I loved that skirt!! Not sure why mine has gone either!! Aww I remember following you from the start :):) x

  2. schoolgatestyle
    4th July 2015 / 7:45 am

    Good on you girl! 4 years is an amazing achievement and I've enjoyed reading since I myself started blogging 3 years ago. Wishing you many more years of enjoyment. Ax

    • Clairejustine oxox
      7th July 2015 / 8:38 pm

      Aww thank you Avril 🙂

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