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Wine Advent Calendar Review: Christmas 2018

Wine Advent Calendar Review.

Happy Thursday. I have always been a huge fan of Christmas Season. On the 1st December, every year the tree goes up and out comes the advent calendars. Even my Husband and University aged children love one each. The countdown officially begins.

Each morning before breakfast me and my two youngest rush for our advent calendars and eat the chocolate as quickly as we can.

The Husband, on the other hand, likes to save them a few days and open them up altogether! Crafty…

Wine Advent Calendar Review:

Advent calendars have moved on so much since I was a child. I remember excitedly opening a window on my advent calendar and ripping the little picture off and sticking it on my wall. There was never anything inside them though. Wine Advent Calendar ReviewA few weeks ago Laithwaite’s Wine sent me one of their Wine Advent Calendars to review. Wine is one of my favourite drinks and I was so excited to see what would be inside. (Hopefully lots of WINE!!)

Nowadays it is amazing what things you can get inside an advent calendar. I never really noticed until a few years ago that you can get some fun things like makeup and toys inside but when I was researching some ideas for this post I realised you can get anything in them now from perfumes to your favourite drinks.

I was so excited to receive my delivery, the parcel was so heavy. It was definitely not chocolate.

Wine Advent Calendar Review

About My Laithwaite’s Wine Wine Advent Calendar:

Opening an advent calendar is suddenly a lot more fun. This is the perfect gift – either to yourself or a fellow wine lover. 24 doors hiding 24 delicious wines – each an absolute superstar of our range. Yes, our wine advent calendars are back! And this year, they’re better than ever.

To make the Christmas countdown that much more exciting, no day is the same as the last – which means you’ll discover 24 different wines throughout December.

You’ll also enjoy a new and improved wine line-up, featuring top Kiwi Sauvignon, rich Aussie Shiraz, delicious Prosecco and so much more. And you’re guaranteed to love them – they’ve all earned stamped on ‘Bestseller’ status. But here’s the cherry on top: there’s even a special surprise on the 24th – a cracking Gold medal-winning Champagne!

Pre-sell offer: pay £10.00 today to reserve your case, then pay the balance when your wine is ready for delivery.

Case price £79.99

Wine Advent Calendar: Case of 24 – £79.99

Wine Advent Calendar Review

Wine Advent Calendar Review My Thoughts:

I could not wait to open it but part of me wanted to wait until December to open it day by day too!

I slowly opened one, day by day and read the labels on each wine. Whoo prosecco. My favourite. Whoo red wine, another favourite.

I love wine and I can spend forever choosing which wines to try. I love red, rose, white and prosecco come to think of it anything really! I like to pick my meals around which wine I am having too.

The wine advent calendar is full of old favourites and some new ones too. I will enjoy them all I’m sure.

Wine Advent Calendar ReviewWine Advent Calendar Review

I love this advent calendar and think it would make a lovely surprise for someone to open.

Do you love wine or know anyone who would like an advent calendar full of different wines to try.Wine Advent Calendar Review About this post: I got sent a Wine Advent Calendar to review. All thoughts are my own and I was not paid for this post.

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26 responses to “Wine Advent Calendar Review: Christmas 2018”

  1. Heather says:

    This is definitely my kind of advent calendar! Enjoy!

  2. christinamorley says:

    That’s an awesome advent calendar! Love it!


    oh my gosh! my mum would LOVE this but unfortunately we’re not in the UK. Bet this will be popular though this year! 😀

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  4. Anne Fraser says:

    That was definitely a plum review to get. I am not sure I could manage a bottle of wine a day but I am sure I would get a lot of offers of help. It would be very popular in our house.

  5. I always love a good chocolate advent calendar, but I’ve had my eye on wine advent calendars for a couple of years now! This one looks amazing, especially with some Prosecco in there!

  6. I’ve been thinking about getting a wine advent calendar and I think you have sold me on this one Claire. The only problem is my husband would like one too and then it can get a little expensive, but you only live once!

  7. ChelseaMamma says:

    Now this is my kind of Advent Calendar!!

  8. It’s amazing the kind of advent calendars you can get these days! What a great alternative to chocolate! We saw one for Screwdrivers today!!

  9. Ruth says:

    What a lovely dea. I would love this.

  10. Lyn Banghart says:

    I LOVE WINE! this is a great advent calendar and an amazing gift to give to another fellow wine lover. Great! thank you

  11. Wow, you had me at “wine!” I need to check this out now. Grown up advent calendar?!

  12. Ooh this looks good! To be honest I’d prefer a bourbon one. 😉
    Thanks for sharing with #pocolo

  13. Stephanie says:

    That sounds fab, and perhaps not one to open in the mornings! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

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