With Gok Wan In Madame Tussaud

With Gok Wan In Madame Tussaud: Saturday Is Caption Day.

Hello friends. So how are you doing, today?

How is your Winter going? So today I am taking part in Caption Saturday. Where I share a photo and you share a caption. Easy eh?

Saturday Is Caption Day With Gok Wan: Madame Tussaud's

With Gok Wan In Madame Tussaud: Saturday Is Caption Day:

Today I am sharing a photo taken in Blackpool with everyone over at Caption Saturday of me and my fashion icon! The lovely Gok Wan. Now if only it was the real Gok Wan! Oh the fashion questions I would ask him! I am sure he would hate my outfit as I did not match this look up too good!! ha! I bet he would be horrified that I am seen out in public in leggings, ha!! Oh and my footwear, which you can not see. Mum fashion all the way. Nice and comfy!!

Gok Wan is a British fashion expert, author, and television host best known for his work on “How to Look Good Naked” and “Gok’s Fashion Fix”-style makeover programmes.

Gok Wan began his fashion career as a stylist and makeup artist, working with celebrities and on photo shoots. He then made the transition to television, where he established a reputation for his talent in boosting people’s self-confidence through their appearance.

With Gok Wan In Madame Tussaud: Saturday Is Caption Day.

This was taken in Madame Tussauds last year but can you think of a caption?

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Thank you so much for stopping by. Finally, lovelies; I also hope you like this post? Did you also see this post? Gok Wan’s 1st Anniversary Collection For Tu At Sainsbury’s.

Gok Wan’s 1st Anniversary Collection For Tu At Sainsbury’s.
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  1. 22 January 2012 / 09:34

    Great caption !!! thanks everyone 🙂

  2. catsyellowdays
    21 January 2012 / 20:45

    After being immobilised by that one shot of botox too far, Gok had no choice but to make his living at Madam Tussauds.

  3. Mammasaurus
    21 January 2012 / 20:39

    Hey Gok Wan-a split this joint and see just how good I look naked?

  4. seasiderinthecity
    21 January 2012 / 19:20

    If I just link arms and pretend we are together I should be able to sneak you out with no problem!

  5. Anonymous
    21 January 2012 / 18:12

    Thats my husband coming just keep smiling and try not to move…

  6. Emily (@amummytoo)
    21 January 2012 / 17:41

    Up close, Gok had improbably shiny smooth arms.

  7. 21 January 2012 / 16:17

    Lol thanks for the comments 🙂

  8. Bottle-In-Front-Of-Me
    21 January 2012 / 14:25

    Not impressed by Gok Wan and Jamie Oliver's new venture – How to cook good naked ?

  9. jbmumofone.com
    21 January 2012 / 12:20

    Seriously Gok, what does that woman think she is wearing? Shall we help?

  10. adventuresindinner
    21 January 2012 / 12:19

    'you are gorgeous and should celebrate that everyday! Now strip down and we'll take your photo starkers'Great idea, would love if you popped by and shared at my party.