You Make Your Own Luck! Old Wives Tales

You Make Your Own Luck! Old Wives Tales

You Make Your Own Luck! Old Wives Tales. Hello friends, so how are you today?

Don’t you just get fed up of the wind and the rain!?! Dark days and wrapping up warm!?!

So glad to have our new heating plumbed in and on heat on full blast as I type. It is a day for warm boots, hats scarf’s and cosy socks on today, don’t you think so too?

You Make Your Own Luck! Old Wives Tales:

Yesterday I broke of my superstitions rules. For years my mum and grandma before this has always told me the old wives tales whenever I do something.

(My mum will be smiling nodding her head as she reads this)!!

Like don’t cut your nails on a Friday.

Do not put new shoes on the table.

Do not walk under a ladder, you know what I’m saying!?!.

Well my Son needed his nails cut, shock on a Friday,.

I can’t do that it’s bad luck.

My 18 year old son chirped in “you make your own luck Mum” and before I knew it I had whisked youngest son off into the bathroom and cut his nails.

Well needs must and all that.

Now I don’t think me slipping an hour later on some water from the shower and banging my toe really hard had anything to do with the old wives tails but I did cut his nails on a Friday.

For me I won’t be walking under any ladders, cutting my own nails on a Friday or putting new shoes on a table but I will be making my own luck in future!!

Staring by cleaning up some shower water spilt on the floor, me thinks.

You Make Your Own Luck! Old Wives Tales.

What I Wore || Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch || Boots: c/o Pavers

Do you have any Old wives’ tales you like to avoid?

You Make Your Own Luck! Old Wives Tales

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