Zumba: 4 Weeks Review Half Way

Zumba: 4 Weeks Review Half Way.

Post contains a PR sample.

This month I’m reviewing the Zumba Fitness dvd kit.

Zumba: 4 Weeks Review Half Way.

Zumba: 4 Weeks Review Half Way:

Over the last 2 weeks I have been loving the Zumba’s dance moves and I can really feel the movements toning up my stomach.

The first week I spent reading the total-body transformation guide learning the basic and 20 minute express.

Day One:

Zumba basic dvd followed by total body stretch.

Day Two:

Zumba basic dvd followed by total body stretch.

Day Three:

Zumba 20 minutes Express.

Day Four:

Free Day.

Day Five:

Zumba 20 minutes express.

Day Six:


Day Seven:

Zumba 20-minutes express dvd.

The music is really great and you really want to move and groove to it.

Top Tips From The Total Body Transformation Guide:

If your new to Zumba follow the basic dvd which breaks down each rhythm into easy to follow step.

Use the RPE chart so you stay within your zone and don’t over do it.

Wear supportive footwear.

Stay hydrated drink water before,during,and after your workouts.

Modify if needed.

Make sure you have plenty of room to dance.

Do a five minute stretch routine after Zumba without bouncing and breathing deeply.

Basic And 20 Minutes Express:


It’s a great idea to watch this dvd if you are new to Zumba to get the most out your workout.

The Zumba instructors guide you through each step in 3 easy beat breakdowns.

Starting off with a quick introduction.

The essence of Zumba is the fantastic music and the Latin rhythms and this is the key to all the routines so by learning the routine and rhythm it will ensure its fun and easy follow and if your stuck on a move you can always repeat and practice the move.

The basic workout  is great for breaking down the moves and every move is broke down into 3 easy steps giving you a good explanation how to move and what the moves are called.

The Easy Beat Dances Are-







Plus a few more

20 minutes is a really good workout and you can really tell its giving you a total body workout.

Now I’ve got use to Zumba tomorrow I’m starting the 10-days drop a dress or trouser size challenge.

So be sure to check back on Thursday 4th of August for my end of the month review.

This is part 2 of my moth of Zumba. Please pop back on Thursday 11th August for my end of the month review!!

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