A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie: It’s A Tough Life

This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own.

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie: It’s A Tough Life Being A Dog- Not!! Haha. Hello friends. Mollie the Collie has the life of Riley. She wakes up when she wants to. 💤 || Goes for walkies when she wants to. 🐕 ||Has fusses and cuddles when she wants to. 🐶 || Plays ball when she wants to. ⚽ || Eats and drinks when she wants too. 🍲 ||Sleeps most of the day. 🛌

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie:

Also, gets to sleep on the sofa in the evening! Without a care in the world! Best of all she keeps me on my toes. Keeps me exercising regularly and where would I without her!?

I still remember the day we brought her home and into our lives. That day she was so tiny and I held her in my hands and oh so sweet. She is a lot bigger now but still adorable.

It feels like she has been with us forever.

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie

This week I have teamed up with Petplan Pet Insurance to share A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie.

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A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie: It’s A Tough Life Being A Dog- Not!!

6 AM Mollie: Right that is it, they have been in bed all that time. Surely it is time for walkies now!? I will just move around a bit so they know I’m awake! Me: Oh no, Mollie is walking up. *next minute fast asleep*

6.30 AM Mollie: Come On Mum, where are you!? Maybe if I give a little quiet bark she will come running to see if I am OK? Me: I will pretend I did not hear that *Back to sleep*

7 AM Mollie: OK, I have had enough now *Barks loudly so everyone in-house can hear me!* Me: Enough Mollie I am coming. Grabs dressing gown and feel my way downstairs wishing I was not up yet!!

Mollie: If I sit wagging my tail surely I can go for a run? Is it time yet, is it time? I am sure I am doing the right face to indicate get the lead. Me: Aww their she is, falls to the floor for cuddles! Not yet Mollie. Go outside a little while and let me make school lunch boxes up first.

Mollie: Ok, runs outside, then straight back in watching until Mum gets my lead. We haven’t got all day come on. Times ticking. I do not need a lunchbox…

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie:

8 AM Mollie: Shes getting dressed, popping her coat on, putting her shoes on, it must be walkies time, it must be! *Starts talking in a doggy language and shaking tail really excitedly* It is walkies time!

Me: Wait for me Mollie as she sprints towards the park as fast as she can. Pulling me along. Oh, wait; a car. She thinks the cars need rounding up! ( Being a border collie Mollie has a tendency to round up something, Mollie chose cars! When she was a pup she tried to run for a car and her lead was short so it turned her around in a circle, now all she does is see a car and spins round in circles).

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie
A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie

8.10 AM Mollie: The park, the park, I can see the park. Looks up to Mum, go on then let me off the lead it is time for work! Another working dog trait of Mollies is chasing that frisbee and bringing it back to Mum. She would spend all day chasing the frisbee if we let her. She is so focused on the frisbee and making sure it is fetched back each time. Not breaking her working zone until the treats come out the end of the walk and the frisbee has been put away. She ignores everyone and everything except that frisbee. Then we get Mollie back and she has a sniff around.

9.30 AM Back home and it’s time to chill. Mollie has a drink some breakfast and sleeps. Time for Mum to get second breakfast and start work.

Afternoon Walkies:

2 PM Mollie: Right that is it enough rest. Now, where is Mum? Me: Come on Mollie I just need to do a little bit more work then we can go walkies.

Right if she is not taking me know, I will just follow her around until she takes me. I will be one step ahead of her all the time!!

Ouch Mollie, you have just tripped me over, come on let’s go walkies so I can have 5 minutes rest afterwards! Come on Mollie, jump in the car we will try somewhere different this afternoon. A nice walk around The Lake.

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie

Mollie: Jumps in the car all excited. No wait, you dafty, you’ve missed the entrance to the park. Quick turn back. Turn back. Where are we going!? Who will fetch that frisbee back now!!

Mollie lays down sulking and goes to sleep.

Me: Come on Mollie we are here, somewhere different to walk around.

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie
A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie

Walkies On Lead This Time!

Mollie: No I’m not having this. You don’t call this a walk, do you? No coming off the lead, no frisbee. I’m not going to pretend I am happy with this so-called walk!! I don’t care if you are enjoying somewhere new, I’m not!! Me: Come on Mollie, you know you are the best at catching frisbees, hop onto the podium to collect your prize.

Mollie: Ok, but I am still not happy with this so-called walk!!

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie
A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie

Mollie: Nice dinner but how dare they leave me alone whilst they have their tea. How very dare they. I think I will rip this spare bed up that Mum gave me as I ripped my old one up yesterday.

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie
Mollie The Collie

Mollie: Hmm that is funny, no one heard me. Maybe if I just rip this wallpaper Mum spent ages decorating last week, that will get some attention? Yeap I’m right!! That did the trick.

Me: Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mollie!!!!!!!!!!!!What have you done?

Mollie The Collie

Mollie: Done? What? It wasn’t me!?  It was just like this, wasn’t it? I am just sitting here nicely and minding my own business.

Mollie The Collie

Me: Right enough of ripping your bed up and making me clean it up every day. Hopefully, you can not rip this one up.

Mollie: Ha! Don’t count on it!

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Collie.

About this post: This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own.

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Mollie The Collie
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  1. 17 February 2018 / 18:31

    Thanks Laura, they don't have a care in the world do they ?

  2. Anonymous
    17 February 2018 / 16:23

    Aww lovely doggie

  3. Kira
    17 February 2018 / 08:39

    Oh how adorable is Molly! We use to have a collie years ago but sadly she passed and Scott won’t let us get another dog 🙁

    • 17 February 2018 / 18:32

      Aww, I can imagine Kira. I had a dog when my first Son was born, 23 years ago. It is so sad when they leave us 🙁

  4. Lauretta at Home and Horizon
    14 February 2018 / 22:57

    I'm sure you enjoy every moment spent with Mollie. She is so cute and fun!

    • 17 February 2018 / 18:31

      Hehe, thanks Lauretta. I can not get mad at her when she is naughty with these eyes 🙂

  5. Mellissa Williams
    14 February 2018 / 19:36

    She is so cute! Sounds like she has quite a fun day! PetPlan are fantastic, aren't they?

  6. Linda Hobbis
    14 February 2018 / 18:38

    Not a dog fan. I'm a cat person. I'd love to see the cat day version against Mollie's. That would be hilarious.

    • 14 February 2018 / 20:20

      Ha! That would be fun 🙂 Makes me wonder what cats get up to now as we do not have one.

  7. 14 February 2018 / 13:07

    Thanks Maureen, never a dull moment around when Mollie is around ha!

  8. Kara Guppy
    13 February 2018 / 18:24

    Mollie the collie looks like she rules the roost – good job she is cute

    • 14 February 2018 / 13:06

      Ha,she does rule the roost for sure 🙂 Thanks Kara.

  9. Stella Olojola
    13 February 2018 / 11:54

    What a cutie. Mollie definitely keeps you on your toes.

  10. Five Little Doves
    12 February 2018 / 21:45

    Oh she is just adorable!! Dogs have an amazing life don't they? We love PetPlan here!

  11. 12 February 2018 / 19:07

    hehehe! She really does have a wonderful life. I can't believe how much she has grown since you first got her. She's such a cutie x

  12. Tamar SB
    12 February 2018 / 17:30

    Ruff life!!

  13. Samyuktha Jayaprakash
    12 February 2018 / 16:32

    Soo cute!

  14. 12 February 2018 / 16:13

    Where would we be without our beloved pet doggies. You look like you had a wonderful walkies. Which reminds me Roxy needs her walk. x Jacqui

  15. Heather{Our Life In a Click}
    12 February 2018 / 15:17

    Oh my goodness, Mollie does have the life. She's such a beauty but naughty girl!! She does keep you on your toes!

    • 13 February 2018 / 10:24

      Thanks Heather, I think it is my fault because I spoilt her from being little!!

  16. Jennie L.
    12 February 2018 / 14:09

    Mollie is adorable!

  17. Rachel
    12 February 2018 / 13:38

    Oh bless, she's so very cute! She really seems to keep you on your toes, and what a lovely life she leads :-)#MMBC

    • 13 February 2018 / 09:58

      Ha!she does keep me busy. Thanks Rachel 🙂

  18. Debbie Roberts - Debs Random Writings
    12 February 2018 / 13:18

    Hi Claire, it is a dogs life! Mollie was adorable as a pup, a little blog of fur… She looks like she needs plenty of exercise… We are looking after my parents dog at the moment and she's already 'killed' her pillow and half killed one of our dogs beds. I will be billing the parents!xx

    • 13 February 2018 / 09:56

      Thanks Debbie, she always rips her bed when she wants attention!!

  19. Jonathan Gutteridge
    12 February 2018 / 12:51

    What a lovely dog. We were going to buy a collie at one point but they are just boundless amounts of energy that I think would take quite a bit of looking after

    • 13 February 2018 / 09:49

      Thanks Jonathan. Yes your right, she is always full of energy!

  20. jessica Harvey
    12 February 2018 / 12:44

    Bless she is so cute just like my dog spoilt lol