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Fitness Friday: Could You Run Everyday? For A Year?

Fitness Friday: Could You Run Everyday? For A Year?

Fitness Friday: Could You Run Everyday? For A Year? Hello friends.

Could you run everyday? I know I can’t. I try every New Year. 1st Resolution, go out on a run everyday.

I once lasted until February but then fell off the wagon.

Fitness Friday: Could You Run Everyday? For A Year?

So Fitness Friday today with my running hero. My 12 year old son!

In January he made a New Years Resolution. To run at least one mile every day.

We are now nearly in November and he is still going strong. ย 

Even when we have been away on holidays, or days out. Even in the pouring rain and last Winters snow. ย 

As Roy Castle used to say “Dedication’s all you need.”

Now he mostly runs 1-3 miles each day. Last week, we went to the park with him to encourage him on.

Fitness Friday: Could You Run Everyday? For A Year?
running kids
Fitness Friday: Could You Run Everyday? For A Year?
Fitness Friday: Could You Run Everyday? For A Year?

Fitness Friday: Could You Run Everyday? For A Year?

Sometimes it can be lonely being a runner. Everyone loves someone to cheer them on. So we carried a track suit and some water.

He has enjoyed this year and now sees a daily run as part of his routine.

He is thin healthy and fighting fit. Maybe next year I will try and join him?!!

Obviously in my day we probably ran just as much. We called it Tiggy, or Hide and Seek or Catch Can, Kiss Chase etc.

All of these seem to have disappeared from childhood games. Being replaced with Tablets, Laptops, Video Games and Mobile Phones.

That is a whole new blog topic for another day!!

Linking up with Coombe Mill for country kids.

Could You Run Everyday? For A Year?

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19 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Could You Run Everyday? For A Year?

  1. This is great! Your son is a rock star for staying so committed. I miss running but have adapted quite nicely to walking and hiking.

  2. New Years resolutions usually fail dont they but congratulations to your son. This technological age often means we don't get out as much but it so nice to see in a 12 year old this isn't the case #CountryKids

  3. No I'm down to 2-3 days a week mostly due to injury and I think I would injure myself even more if I ran daily. For my health and interest, I try to exercise daily but that's not necessarily running. I exercise at lots of different intensities, e.g. Pilates one day, HIIT, the next, Strength, running, yoga etc. Otherwise I'm using the same muscles again and again. Unfortunately due to my injury I've also had to cut down the HIIT I was doing and I find that has a massive improvement on my overall fitness, more so than running (just).

    1. Aww, I am with you Heidi, I try to do different things too. I keep getting injured but hoping to come back stronger ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love this so much! Very well done to him for his dedication. My kids are pretty dedicated to their sport, but nothing like this!Personally, I could run every day, mentally and physically. But balancing work and kids and responsibility means there isn't time, so I settle for about three times a week.

  5. I love his dedication and what a beautiful run he has there through the woods. I try to run most days too so I understand the buzz though my knees now grumble! A lovely reminder of the running games of my childhood! Thank you for linking up on Country Kids.

  6. Good for him!! That is so amazing and what a great way to build a foundation of lifelong fitness. I am not a runner..I look like a drunk giraffe when I try, but I commend him and am even a tad bit motivated to try to run myself.I also host a brand new linky every Friday called Fitness Fridays, it is only in it's second week. I would love for you to link this post up, and to join us next week as well. Here is the link. Hope to hear more about your fitness journey!

  7. I'm so impressed with his commitment- if he can do something like this daily – the sky's the limit ! I love running although couldn't do it everyday – think I'd get a bit bored and my knees would get knackered – so like to mix it up with spinning, Zumba etc. Does your son run competitively or has he entered any races to work towards? #countrykids x

  8. He is doing amazingly, such commitment and he's only 12 years old, think what he could achieve in his life with dedication like that. Running is a great activity keep up, both physically and emotionally, it can really recharge you and help de-stress. I wish I could run as much, but I find it uncomfortable (I am rather large chested?!) and tend to walk a lot instead. I know what you mean about when we were younger, we were always running around playing games and having fun.Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  9. Ohh wow so good that he's still going everyday even now! That is such dedication and it looks like he really enjoys it. It's so good that you could go and cheer him on. He must be so proud of himself. I really ought to start up running. I really don't know why I don't do it. It must be so refreshing!!! You must be really proud of him too! Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather xx

  10. Oh gosh I don't think I could run every day, I'm struggling to run at all at the moment! Well done to your son – good for him! :)#BeInspiredPS: Really loving the new look blog!

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