Last Days Of The Warm Sunshine And Summer

Last Days Of The Warm Sunshine And Summer Dresses. Making The Most Of Them. Hello friends, happy Monday. It is Monday, right?

I am all muddled up having the weekend off work. Not that we did anything because we do not want to run out of petrol. I mean, you must have heard about the fuel crisis in the UK?

Last Days Of The Warm Sunshine And Summer Dresses.

I saw lots of ques in the petrol station and watch some crazy videos on Twitter of people fighting!! So how are you today? If you live in the UK, do you have petrol?

Also, what a miserable start to the week. We woke up to torrential rain here today. Autumn is starting to set in.

Last Days Of The Warm Sunshine And Summer Dresses.

Last Days Of The Warm Sunshine And Summer Dresses.

The last few weeks we have had some lovely days and I have managed to wear my summer dresses too. Before having to layer them up or pack them away for next year.

I wore this one last week. Without a cardigan or jumper. Also, with sandals. I do not think there will be many days over the next few weeks where I can do this.

This will be a good dress to wear in autumn though. Teamed up with my long brown boots and layer with a warm cardigan or jumper and big coat.

Summer Dresses.

What I Wore: Dress: Amazon || Sandals: Clarks

So today I went shopping and treated myself to two nice winter coats. I have not had a new one for a few years so I thought I deserved a nice treat. As I hate being cold.

If you are quick, you might catch a look at one of the ones I brought. The other one reminded everyone of my mother-in-law. I do not want to play twins now, do I!!

Did you see my Reel on Instagram today? Love sunny days in London.

So what do you think of my dress? Do you think it will layer up nicely in winter too? I did wear it here in March with a cardigan too: Stacking Gold Colour Crystal Initial Bangle UK Buy.

Are you making the most of the last few sunny afternoons before it turns too cold?

Summer Dresses.

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  1. Valerie Hansen
    29 September 2021 / 20:57

    This dress is so pretty and great for summer or fall, looks great on you!


  2. 29 September 2021 / 01:24

    I love the print on this dress! Gotta squeeze out these last few days of summer weather!


    • 29 September 2021 / 09:30

      Thanks Ashley, I can feel autumn creeping in now.

  3. Heather
    28 September 2021 / 14:59

    That dress is so pretty! Love it on you! I will miss the warm summer days but I love fall too!

    • 29 September 2021 / 09:29

      Thanks Heather. Yes I love summer and autumn but not a fan of winter when it is too cold

  4. 28 September 2021 / 14:21

    Pretty dress! I had not heard of the lack of fuel in the UK! That is not fun!

    • 29 September 2021 / 09:28

      Thanks lovely. Always something to cause a panic buy here. It will be food again next.

  5. 28 September 2021 / 11:25

    What a fun dress, Claire! You look amazing! We had torrential downpours yesterday as well. Fall is definitely here!


    • 29 September 2021 / 09:27

      Thanks Shelbee. So cold this morning.

  6. 28 September 2021 / 07:04

    Lovely dress Claire. Will definitely look good in winter with a long cardigan or polo neck, and boots.

    • 29 September 2021 / 09:27

      Thanks Gail. I have some perfect boots in mind 🙂

  7. Michelle
    27 September 2021 / 23:12

    Beautiful, happy dress, Claire!