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People Will Stare. Make It Worth Their While…

“People will stare. Make it worth their while. ”

Haha, these mustard tights sure do make people look twice!!

What I wore~

  • Jumper : Primark
  • Skirt : Primark
  • Tights : Primark
  • Shoes : c/o Shoezone

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago (still playing catch up) when the weather was slightly cooler. ‘Hence the big holey jumper’. I love this skirt I picked up from Primark in the Christmas sales. ( Pictures don’t do it justice!!). I am looking forward to wearing it with bare legs and wedge sandals in the summer. Once my legs are tanned a little and not to glow white!!

Shoe : Matalan

Just rediscovered these tan wedges I brought a few years ago that have not been worn much. Think these will be perfect for summer as they are all back in fashion again. Trouble is when I wear them once and the hurt me, rub my feet or graze me I store them!!

Hate new shoes for that. What I really need is someone to bed them in for me so they are nice and comfy!?!

This week I have fell downstairs and up steps twice. Hurting my bum, bruising my toe, pulling my shoulder and now my neck keeps cracking. One fall in flat shoes and one shoeless.

Maybe I will wait a few weeks to bed these wedge shoes in!?!

2 thoughts on “People Will Stare. Make It Worth Their While…

  1. Haha. How fun are those tights?! You're right, you may as well go bold if you're going to do bright tights!Bedknobs & Baubles

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