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Shoe And Tell..

What a week! Whoo… What a week!!

Been busy, busy here with the children still on school holidays and in need of keeping entertained. Also had the husband off work too. So lots of going out on day trips and loads of walking.

Converse on a 15 miles walk around London

On Wednesday we walked 15 miles around London. Pow! wow! boo! hoo!?!  I remember this so well… 15 miles I say!! After the walk we went home on the train. When I got off the train I was in leg pain lol !! Nearly as much as I did after London Marathon last year. All was good the day after though.

So glad I had my flat shoes on! Good old Converse…

Sorting out summer shoes and packing my wellies and boots away. Found these sweet shoes with roses on that my mum gave me last year.

This week has been about flats, flats and more flat shoes…

Getting some wear out of all my Converse…

And my Nikes…

Me and mini me in our flats…

My sparkly F&F have now been found again…

And my Cheeky Shoes are getting worn now the beautiful weather is here..

More sparkly F&F flats.. Who can resist a bit of sparkle?

And a 5 miles walk in Matlock in my trainers…

What shoes have you been wearing this week?


6 responses to “Shoe And Tell..”

  1. Emma Iannarilli says:

    You have some fabulous flats – I admit I've been doing the flat shoe thing the last few weeks – with bare legs too – yippee!!!#Streetstylesunday

  2. Kezzie says:

    You wore lots of shoes this week! I'm all about flats at the moment!x

  3. Lisa from @intotheglade says:

    I'm in flats, apart from trainers on Sunday when I ran ha! But yesterday was a very exciting day when my flip flops came out – yippee! I love your sparkly shoes and the red ones x

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