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Home Made Easter Bonnet…

My daughter has been waiting patiently over the last few weeks to wear her Easter bonnet. Pictured above she was so excited to get it made up. We decorated this hat in no time at all and then saved it until Easter for her to dress up in. Now we have lots of other crafty bit to finish off quickly today for Easter Sunday. Easter baskets, glittery eggs and Easter cakes to name just a few.

Don’t you just love the pound shops? We always find something crafty and cheap in these shops. Everything above was only a pound each, the little sets of nest and the set of chicks all from the pound shops apart from the ribbon. I picked up this sweet lemon reel up from Lidl but still only Β£1.00 a roll.

What you need-

  • An Easter hat
  • Some ribbon
  • Little Easter chickens
  • Little Easter nest
  • Coloured feathers ( I picked ours off a fancy scarf, picked up at the Β£1.00 shop!)
  • Strong glue

What to do-

  • Measure a nice big length of ribbon, enough to go around the hat and to tie a nice big bow up.
  • Glue the ribbon to hold in place.
  • Leave to dry.
  • Make a pattern you like with some of the nests and chicks.
  • Glue in place.
  • Leave to dry. 
  • Easy eh!!

All ready now for the Easter egg hunt tomorrow…


12 responses to “Home Made Easter Bonnet…”

  1. Julie Corbisiero says:

    Hi Claire, your daighter made the cutest Easter Bonnet and she looks so adorable in the the hat! What fun. Have a nice Easter.Julie

  2. Winnie says:

    How Sweet!!She looks sooooooooooo cute and adorable with this hat onHappy Easter to you all!

  3. T'onna Peters says:

    So cute! I love the nest! I'm pinning this!!!

  4. Ana Lopes says:

    Adorable!!! Love the happy smile of your daughter! Thanks for shraing this lovely idea!Happy Easter!Hugs and Love from Portugal,Ana Love Craft

  5. Kezzie says:

    She is SO cute!! I love her hat!! The lemon ribbon is amazing- hmmm, where's my local Lidl?!x

  6. Antionette Blake says:

    What an adorable DIY bonnet – adorable. Have a wonderful week ahead. I hopped over from Monday Mingle with Tough Cookie Mommy.

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