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How Cool Is This Tree?

Getting the kids and the dog outdoors in Winter is not always easy. If it’s not the wind, it’s the cold. If it’s not the cold it’s the rain that keeps us indoors. Brr…

Never mind the dark nights after school.

Ever day feels like a task when it’s really cold. I have to walk Mollie the Collie twice a day, no matter what the day is like.

Can you imagine how much she would pester me for a walk if I didn’t take her!?

So I am used to being out in all weathers.

Both the youngest 2 are doing a run streak. So it’s in from school and get your running clothes on, out the door straight away before it gets dark too. All go around here even in Winter.

It is lovely when the husband is off work.

Here he took my son out and Mollie for a walk and even remembered to take the camera with him.

Something I always forget!!

While I stayed indoor where it was warm and caught up on Twitter housework!!

There is so much fun to be had in the woods. Exploring and climb, especially when mum is not around, moaning about getting dirty!!

Where’s Wally Mollie? She loves to play but is not happy when she is not getting all the attention!

How cool is this tree? So unusual!

A fun hiding place!? No one would find you hiding here.

Yeah, can still see you!

I am surprised this tree is still standing with all the strong winds we have had!! I am often walking through the woods and large branches are on the floor. Once I walked trough and a whole tree was in my path, scary!!

Wonder what Mollie is thinking here? 

I bet she was thinking ” I am bored of theWoods can we go and play frisbee now!!”  


20 responses to “How Cool Is This Tree?”

  1. Mica T says:

    That looks like a very fun walk! :)WE have a dog too, although he's just a little Shih Tzu and he gets tired easily so one walk a day is all he needs for his little legs. But it's great having a reason to get out of the house every day, even if it's not the first choice in the middle of winter, haha!Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Mrs Tubbs says:

    That tree is fantastic. Perfect for climbing and adventures. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Studio Kaufmann says:

    That's great that your kids like to get out and aren't just glued to their iPads.#pocolo

  4. This Mum's Life says:

    That tree is awesome! My children would be too little to play in it, but I know that me and my husband would definitely want to climb in there! It's so good to see that you got out, (well, your husband anyway!) even when it's hard, with the cold and the rain! I try and get out with my 2 whatever the weather, because they don't mind if its wet and cold, its me that hates it, but if they don't mind, I try not to for their sake! Thanks for sharing, and linking up to the very first #bigpinklink!

    • Clairejustine oxox says:

      Thanks for stopping by, I am so bad at remembering the camera when I go out. Kids check, dog check, me check, lol 🙂

  5. Coombe Mill says:

    It's great that between you you're still managing to find time to explore the great outdoors. That tree is really impressive, it's fab that it did survive the storm and provide your son with a climbing frame, my lot would've been up in there in a heartbeat. Mollie looks like she had a brilliant walk with your son and husband, although she looks a bit put out that he's up in a tree and she can't get up there with him. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  6. Cheryl Pasquier says:

    That's a fantastic tree – nature's playground ! 🙂 #whatevertheweather

  7. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says:

    A fun tree!Here's my Wordless Wednesday!

  8. Something Crunchy Mummy says:

    That tree is pretty cool! sarah@lockstones.co.uk

  9. Jenny Eaves says:

    It looks like an amazing tree! We love exploring the woods, there are so many things to see and do. Looks like your son had a lot of fun investigating the tree.Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather, could you please grab the badge to link back? Thank you! 🙂 x

  10. Chloe Ciliberto says:

    I love walking in the woods. That tree is such a unique shape! It looks like he had lots of fun exploring. We always need to go outside whatever the weather too else our little girl gets really agitated. Thank you for sharing with #whatevertheweather xx

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