May The 4th Be With You: Weekend Link Up

May The 4th Be With You. Weekend Link Up. Today I’m sharing some photos of the Birds at Twycross Zoo.

May The 4th Be With You: Weekend Link Up
Birds at Twycross Zoo.

Hello, again friends. Happy Friday. May The 4th Be With You.

Another week has flown by. Don’t you think?

Welcome To The Weekend Link Up. Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have fun at this week’s blog hop.

May The 4th Be With You: Weekend Link Up
Birds at Twycross Zoo.

I am always trying to improve my photography and love these photos I took of some kind of birds at Twycross Zoo.

( I thought it was a heron but I could not see any on their website so could be wrong!).

I love how calm it was and never moved whilst I was photographing it. Just the occasional call out to a friend.

Apparently, it is going to be lovely weather again over the weekend. Let hope so as it is always nice on my birthday.

Birds at Twycross Zoo:

May The 4th Be With You: Weekend Link Up
bird’s at Twycross Zoo.

May The 4th Be With You: Weekend Link Up.

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May The 4th Be With You: Weekend Link Up

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Have a lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday for our next link up.

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  1. csuhpat1
    6 May 2018 / 22:24

    Sorry that I am so late. Hope you have had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for hosting.

    • 7 May 2018 / 06:18

      No worries Patrick. Thanks for joining us 🙂

  2. 6 May 2018 / 17:09

    Oh no Maureen. Hope your feeling a bit better now.

  3. Paula Rockwell
    4 May 2018 / 21:11

    Fun photos! Thanks for hosting and Happy Birthday!

  4. Mother of 3
    4 May 2018 / 20:58

    He looks like he's posing for you!

    • 6 May 2018 / 17:37

      Hehe, he does, doesn't he 🙂

  5. Nancy Baten
    4 May 2018 / 18:38

    Have a great weekend love!

    • 6 May 2018 / 17:35

      Thanks Nancy, you too lovely 🙂

  6. mummabstylish
    4 May 2018 / 17:56

    Lol, and to your too! Thanks for hosting too. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    • 6 May 2018 / 17:29

      Thanks for joining us Jacqui 🙂

  7. Cheryl
    4 May 2018 / 18:50

    May the 4th be with you as well! Thank you for hosting, and have a fab weekend!Cheryl Shopst

  8. Sarah Barber
    4 May 2018 / 17:05

    Hi! It's our first time linking up, thanks for hosting! We've followed you on twitter, our twitter handle is @mummykindoff in case you wanted to follow back 🙂

    • 6 May 2018 / 17:25

      Great, thanks for linking up. Hopping over now to follow you back.

  9. Shelbee On The Edge
    4 May 2018 / 17:21

    Happy Weekend, Claire!Shelbee

  10. Heather{Our Life In a Click}
    4 May 2018 / 15:01

    The photos are great! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • 6 May 2018 / 17:22

      Aww,thanks Heather 🙂 Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Naomi
    4 May 2018 / 13:14

    Claire yur photos look amazing!!!Thank you for hosting!

    • 6 May 2018 / 17:17

      Thanks for stopping by and joining us Naomi 🙂

  12. Tamar SB
    4 May 2018 / 09:07

    Happy Star Wars day (:

    • 6 May 2018 / 17:07

      Thanks Tamar 🙂 Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Vanity And Me
    4 May 2018 / 08:41

    haha! I'm still laughing at the title! Have a great weekend Claire xx

    • 6 May 2018 / 17:02

      Ha! Thanks for stopping by Laurie 🙂

  14. 4 May 2018 / 08:56

    Scary how quickly we are back to May 4th! Thanks for hosting.

    • 6 May 2018 / 17:05

      Thanks for joining us Kate 🙂