Three Lions Not On Your Shirt: Not On Your Nelly

Three Lions Not On Your Shirt: Not On Your Nelly:

Three Lions Not On Your Shirt: Not On Your Nelly.

Hello friends. Happy Thursday. So how are you today?

Three Lions Not On Your Shirt: Not On Your Nelly:

With the World Cup only a few months away, retailers are starting to stock up on merchandise and already have our household thinking about the football season.

Each time a new England kit comes on sale, my 3 sons and husband are not satisfied until all of them have all purchased the new shirt.

However this year the FA and Nike seem to want a larger slice of the cake than anyone with their overpricing of the new England kit.

It was only 10 months ago that we had the last England kit and 7 matches later a new one arrives.

Prices are amazingly £90 for the matching shirt, £60 for the stadium shirt meaning a £30 surcharge for advanced cooling technology?!

Does it really cost this much?

With child sizes coming in at £42! So for my 3 boys and husband, I would need to spend over £300 to get the full England shirt experience.


This really is shocking, I can think of more important things this amount of money could be spent on.

Football is no longer for the working class, large families and people with a lower income are penalised.

With the designer price tags, do you really get a designer t- shirt for the price? I don’t think so!

At the end of the day, if you sell something at an affordable price, you will sell more!!

Win, win for everyone!

Disappointed as they may be then, none of my family will wearing the official shirt this year.

Come kick off in Brazil they may just be a bit less interested in the TV and go out in the sun, riding their bikes or going on a run!!

Grassroots old skool…

Football’s loss may be cycling or athletics gain.

Watch out, Mo Farah!!

Three Lions Not On Your Shirt: Not On Your Nelly.

About this post- I was asked to do a voluntary post for the Nottingham evening post newspaper (out tomorrow) on the new England kit. Here are my thoughts.

Three Lions Not On Your Shirt: Not On Your Nelly.

My soon to be 11-year-old son’s first football shirt. On my daughters Hello Kitty.

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  1. 7 April 2014 / 11:34

    I have always considered the football shirts are such a rip-off! Thank goodness there are no big footie fans in our house! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

    • 7 April 2014 / 20:03

      Thanks for stopping by Victoria, so expensive…

  2. Leovi
    4 April 2014 / 21:28

    Yes, the shirt sales is big business in all countries, I like this bear, cuddly and fun!

  3. 4 April 2014 / 11:54

    £90 for a football shirt!! Crazy!! What a total rip off!! x

  4. BakedPotatoMummy
    4 April 2014 / 08:47

    Wow! That's ludicrously expensive! I had no idea. I'm really hoping Potato doesn't become a huge England supporter as he grows up then. I'll never be able to afford to keep him kitted out!#PoCoLo

    • 6 April 2014 / 08:13

      Thanks for the comment, and they say its expensive to play sport, not expensive to watch 🙂

  5. Tom Briggs
    4 April 2014 / 08:26

    I think it's obscene – there's a chance that we'll get knocked out in the group stage so that's £30 a match! It's a disgrace and further proof, if it were needed, that there's an ugly side to the beautiful game. I won't even be buying my club's shirt next season, such is my dissatisfaction with what money is doing to the game – I'll be sticking to my timeless retro one. 🙂

    • 6 April 2014 / 08:12

      Thanks for your comment Tom 🙂 great idea my youngest son loves his retro ones 🙂

  6. 4 April 2014 / 09:04

    Totally agree with you! It's such a rip-off. Luckily my boys and husband don't always want the new England shirt (although both my boys had that exact same shirt your 11yo had when they were tiny too) and will be happy with a Tshirt from Next or wherever is stocking England stuff.

    • 6 April 2014 / 08:14

      Thanks Sarah, Next always have great ones in 🙂

  7. Please may I?
    4 April 2014 / 06:32

    You know what, its crazy! No one can justify spending that amount of money on a shirt that will be outdated sooner than you have paid your shopping bill. Such a shame. Lets hope they see sense and reduce it.X x

    • 4 April 2014 / 08:14

      Aww thanks for the comment, we will be waiting for it to come down in price, if it does the kids will get one 🙂

  8. Kezzie
    3 April 2014 / 21:20

    I couldn't agree more with your thoughts! It's disgusting that they charge so much and keep releasing it so often!x

    • Clairejustine oxox
      4 April 2014 / 08:14

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kezzie 🙂 I think its the kids that suffer, they want to wear the t-shirt too …

  9. Patrick weseman
    3 April 2014 / 17:34

    I bought an Australian World Cup hoodie for $65 (U.S). I thought it was a lot pricey. They know people like me will buy it, that is why they charge what they can.

    • 4 April 2014 / 08:12

      That is so true Patrick, thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

    • Patrick weseman
      6 April 2014 / 22:36

      Just got the World Cup catalog in the mail. The prices for everything are crazy. It seems like they are going to make a mint off stuff.

    • 7 April 2014 / 08:51

      Thanks Patrick, Yeah they sure will, shame they did not want everyone to enjoy it too…

  10. Hannah Brooker
    3 April 2014 / 14:46

    It really is a ridiculous price for a kit and although I have t seen it personally I'm told it isn't their er best shall we sayx

  11. Tamar SB
    3 April 2014 / 12:23

    I have family from the UK so I long rooted for UK in the football world (before the US team got "good") so I still have a serious soft-spot for the team!