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What’s In My Make Up Bag!?..

Happy Tuesday peeps. How quickly has April gone by? It will soon be May. I love May as it my Birthday month.

What’s In My Make Up Bag!? 

Do you want to have a look inside my make up bag?

Yes, no, maybe?


I always like to read posts on what’s in my makeup bag, handbag or any kind of through the key hole style post.

So much fun to have a peep into other peoples lives!

Do you like to red these kinds of posts too?

So today I am sharing what is in my make up bag and you can see what I have. 

Here is what is in my makeup bag this week and what I love using.

I love a selection of beige foundations, brown eye shadows and red lip stick and nail varnish.  

Also , polka dots make me pop!!

Lots of brown shades of eye-shadows are a must. Light and dark ones for different shading. A few medium coloured foundations for the different times of year. A red nail varnish is always a must, black mascara is essential , black eye-liner for the occasion night out and lots of bright red lipsticks.

Love red lipstick. If I could only choose 1 item of make up, red lipstick would be it!!

Now what’s in your make up bag?

What are you essentials and must haves?

If you could choose one thing, what would it be?

Leave a link in the comments if you have done a post like this and I will hop over for a nosey!! See if we like the same kinds of things or if we are completely different.

Whoo my Daughter let us have a peep inside her make up bag too. How sweet of her!?

What’s In My Make Up Bag!?

 Now I need to plan my make up for a night out next week. Lucky me!!

4 thoughts on “What’s In My Make Up Bag!?..

  1. I like to read these too ! Might have to get mine out for one of these. Some lovely reds here Claire, I wish I could wear them but they just don't suit me x

  2. I always like seeing what products people use! I love your daughters' Minnie Mouse stuff! 🙂

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