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Brr …. it has been so miserable for us to get out and about over the last few week. We have mostly been staying inside after school as it has been getting dark and cold quickly. Weekends spent Christmas shopping with a few fresh miles walking to the shops and back.

Today I am sharing some pictures from a few weeks ago when my son did a cross country race. It is on every few weeks but lack of training and transport today so he has to miss the event. I always think it is great how many children get up and out early to run on such a wet and cold day. I have let my running slip due to exchanging a run for a class in the gym to keep warm. 

No mum I’m not nervous!!

Now I’m ready to race …

Daughter and her teddy came along to support..

Let the race begin…

Go go go..

Tired but giving it his all…

Gave it everything…

Claire Justine
Claire Justine

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  1. Coombe Mill
    14 December 2014 / 12:20

    Well done to your son, giving it his all is all he really can do and that's what makes us proud isn't it! I don't think I could do Cross Country as a competitive sport but I can see the attraction as I like to go for a run across the moors when I can spare an hour or two. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

    • Clairejustine oxox
      14 December 2014 / 16:55

      Thanks for stopping by Fiona, and hosting 🙂

  2. Tamar SB
    13 December 2014 / 14:20

    Well done! He looks like quite the athlete!It gets dark here by 4 too – perfect for early nights inside!

    • Clairejustine oxox
      14 December 2014 / 16:54

      Thanks Tamar…

  3. Heidi
    13 December 2014 / 13:36

    I used to do cross country as a child and after a break of 20 years (yes really) I took up running again in my 30s. It's miserable getting out there but once you're out, it's amazing and the bath once you get home makes it all worthwhile.

    • Clairejustine oxox
      14 December 2014 / 16:53

      Hi Heidi, aww glad to hear your back into running, i could do with some help getting back into it 🙂