Summer To Autumn Dress : Share Your Style Saturdays...

Dress ~ summer sale in a shop in Nottingham
Cardigan ~ Matalan
Shoes ~ original Cheeky shoes

After a few days of what felt like none stop showers and heavy rain, especially when it was time to pick the children up from school!! it was lovely to see the sunshine on Thursday. Sunny, with a crispy chilli in the air  and very dry, my favourite kind of Autumn day. 

I wore my dress I picked up in the Summer sales that I have loved wearing for the last few months. My cardigan is one from Matalan, the waterfall style but I never wear it much a it does not fasten and just hangs there so I gave it a bit of an 80's twist and tied it in the middle,  love wearing it this way!! and beening dry a chance to wear my yellow Cheekyshoes.

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Red Shirt, Red Rug : Share Your Style Saturdays...


Shirt ~ Primark

Skirt ~ Charity shop

Shoes ~ Irregular Choice

On Thursday it was my husbands day off from work, so I talked him into going shopping!!

IKEA was the perfect date, with a large cooked breakfast to swing him into going and a chance for me to grab some things I had been planning to buy for a while. Having a small car I could not buy everything I wanted ( wow I love this shop ) I did pick up and amazing cupboard with flora boxes to store lots of things away, a wonderful big lampshade for only £2.25, laptop tray for my knee and a big chunky perfect red rug to go under my kitchen table in bright red top match my shirt :0)

Now planning another trip for things I forgot!!

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New Shoes And Lots Of Rain : Share Your Style Saturday...


Dress ~ Next 

Belt ~ Primark

Tights ~ Primark

Shoes ~ Irregular Choice

Arr what a week, great if your a duck!!

We certainly have had our fair share of the rain over the last few days. So much so just trying to run a few miles to the gym was hard work. After only 5 minutes I got so weighed down with all the rain, I had to turn back and go home. Me and 3 of my children had a lovely day out on Tuesday, then we meet my husband from work for lunch as they had a day off from school as the teachers were striking. So lots of yummy food!!

 Finally got to wear my new shoes what my husband treated me to a few weeks back!!

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VLM 2014 " Your In " : Share Your Style Saturday Blog Hop...

Dress ~ Primark
 Belt ~ From a Primark skirt
 Tights ~ Primark
 Shoes ~ Cheeky Shoes

Wow after a cold Autumn feel last week, the weather has turned out lovely and warm again over the last few days...Summer dresses still in my wardrobe so it would be rude not to make the most of the sunshine, warm tights on though ( just in case it decided to turn cold ). I did a big clear out on Wednesday and packed lots of summer things away, ready so I  can find my chunky jumpers and jeans. Bags of summer clothes for the garage to save for next year and some for the charity shop, things I know I'm never going to wear again.

This week there has been a big change...Not only in weather but also in our home. Thursday our oldest son left home and flew the nest to university, wow nothing prepares you for the day they leave...

On a happier note the same day after dropping my son off, I returned home to find some London Marathon post waiting for me. I found out .... I had got a place in the London Marathon for 2014 the
 "Your In" magazine...

Wow what a week it has been,,, lots of things to look forward too,,, my husband got the "not in reply" don't be blue magazine. Wanting a goal to get him out training he only went and booked the Paris marathon!! Never been to France and not even having a passport at the minute there is lots happing already next year...

Yeah running in the snow and dark winter mornings,,, chasing the miles for London. Aw never a dull moment. Anyway enough of me. Want to link up and share your style with us?
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Share Your Style Saturday : Walk In Matlock...

A few weeks back me and my husband hopped on the train from Nottingham for a walking day out in Matlock.

We got of the train at Matlock Baths and walked along the country lanes to Matlock town centre, stopping to take in some of the breath taking views along the way. We well earned the big bag of fish and chips, hot chocolate and chocolate chip muffin at the end of our walk!!


Body warmer ~ Republic
Blouse ~ Peacocks via Charity shop
Jeans ~ Abercrombie and Fitch
Trainers ~ Reebok

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Cowboy Boots Ready For Autumn!! : Share Your Style Saturday Blog Hop...

Top ~ Kiss Colletion ( local shop )
Skinny Jeans ~ Matalan
Cowboy boots ~ Matalan

Wow yesterday it really felt like Autumn was here, and after an amazingly hot Thursday too.

It started raining on my morning run and stayed all day long. After I did a body fit workout class at the gym it was really heavy rain so after the mile and half run home, I was shaking with the cold. Reminds me I need to go shopping for a new onsie :)

 Must admit it I loved running in the rain, bring on Autumn training it is my favourite season to run in.

In other news yesterday we went shopping with our oldest son!! not very often he goes shopping with us nowadays. Buying things to go off to University, only a few weeks and he will be flying the nest :( he promises to be back with all his dirty washing though!! Good news is though its only a few hours drive away or 2 small train rides, so we will get to see him regular.

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Irregular Choice,Anniversary And Share Your Style Saturdays Blog Hop...

Yesterday it was our 17th wedding Anniversary and my husband took me out for lots of treats in Nottingham.

We went shopping, out for lunch to  Maysum an all you can buffet restaurant and my he brought me some amazing polka dot and flowers shoes. I have been a big fan of Irregular Choice shoes for years now but never owned a pair!!

 (until now!!)

I am usually like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to Irregular Choice shoes, I don't just want one pair ( I want them all ) so walk away with none :( .
I end up leaving it and spend my money on new running trainers.
So yesterday I stuck to my plan of having some shoes thats been on my wishlist for years and I love them :)

On with the blog hop...

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24/08 Share Your Style Saturday Blog Hop...



Top ~ Primark
Jeans ~ Selfridges
Shoes ~ Keds
Aww been a busy few day, we booked a late holiday on Sunday night and got up at 6am Monday morning to travel the 4 and a half hours down to Butlins in Minehead.

We have had a super, fun busy week and had lots of wonderful food and cake. Eek I best not weigh myself this week with all the chocolate cake I have eaten. Not much running so hopeful back into a routine today.

My son did amazing in his exams so very happy he has done amazing :) 3A*, 3A's 5B's and 1C

Sharing my outfit I wore Sunday as I had lots of love for this on Instagram...

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Making The Most Of The Summer? : Share Your Style Saturdays Blog Hop...

Top ~Kiss collection ( local shop)
Shorts~ Primark
Shoes ~ Crocs
Sunglasses- Primark

Arr I'm really not feeling very well today :(

All night I've had a really bad migraine and really feel like I've got food poisoning symptoms.

Ive sleep all night and kept trying to get up but felt to ill to, just coming around. So glad I didn't have any wine last night or I would have thought it was that. My husband has booked me a half marathon for in 6 weeks time and I had planed to get a long run in today too :(

3 days without running and I feel so bad, had some good news this morning that has shocked me all the runners in the house!! even my 2 oldest boys who run fast. My resting heart rate this morning even when poorly was 40!! This means if I try harder I can improve with my running, and my heart rate is the best in the house :)

Yeah sometimes its the little things that cheer us up. Now off to drink more water, I may have dehydrated myself as I'm not to much of a fan of water!!

Today I'm sharing an outfit from a few weeks back that I found on the computer,( eek just lounge wear today for me)

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Fashion Link Up : Share Your Style Saturdays...

Sharing some of my style Instagram pictures this week~

Where does the rime go when the children are off school?

Not time to do anything!!

Still being good at getting my run done early, so all is good!!

Top ~ Sweat shop
Running pant ~ Peacocks
Trainers ~ Nike

This week I've been wearing my old faithful dress, I've had this years and still love it!!

Dress ~ Matalan
Shoes ~ Cheekyshoes

My daughter got her first pair of Cheekyshoes, so we were playing twins!!

More running!!

Top ~ Primark
Shorts ~ Sportsworld

Top ~ Car boot sale

Cropped pants ~ Primark

Wearing my up cycled jeans

Top ~ Charity shop

Jeans ~ Calvin Klein

And found a little time to do some shopping...

Top ~ Republic 

Top ~ Primark

Jacket ~ Primark

Now whats everyone else been wearing or buying this week?

Link up your post to share with us..

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School Holidays Outfits :Share Your Style Saturday Linky...

Love wearing my new shorts made out of old jean.

Jeans ~ Calvin Klein

Trying to pick which Cheekyshoes to wear first

Shoes ~ Cheekyshoes

Dress ~ Asda

New jeans ~ Selfridges

Shes ~ Cheeky shoes

Dress ~ Primark via Charity shop

Dress I picked up in local sales ~ Bargain at £5-00

Fun sunglasses ~ Poundworld

Running to ~ Sweat shop

Jacket ~ Matalan

Skirt ~ Primark

Dress ~ Local bargain

Shoes ~ Cheeky shoes

Whats your style this week?

Want to link up and

Share your style Saturday?
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