A Battered Mars Bar And What I Really Thought

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A Battered Mars Bar And What I Really Thought Of It!! Hello friends, Happy Monday. So how are you today?

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A deep fried Mars Bar, any takers? Have you ever tried one or looking to try one soon?

A Battered Mars Bar And What I really Thought Of It!!

A Battered Mars Bar And What I Really Thought Of It!!

A Battered Mars Bar And What I Really Thought Of It!!

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So it is back to work for me on Tuesday, after a few lazy weeks and a few days away, traveling to my favourite places. Eating some amazing food and trying new thing’s.

Last week we visited Skegness and I eventually got to try a battered Mars bar from our favourite chip shop, the Trawler’s Catch.

Have you ever visited?

It’s a pirates theme chip shop that does gluten-free chips. So we visit every time we are in Skegness with my daughter who can not eat wheat, we visit for fish and chips.

There fish and chips are amazing. So a few hours after our chips, this particular day, we decided to try a battered Mars Bar.

A Battered Mars Bar Yes Or No?

  • Should You?
  • Would You?
  • Could You?

Ha!! Watch my fun Instagram Reel here: Sweet Like Chocolate A Battered Mars Bar.

A Battered Mars Bar And What I Really Thought Of It!!

A Battered Mars Bar And What I Really Thought Of It!!

So I embarked on a daring eating adventure, determined to conquer the mysterious realm of deep-fried delights. My target: the legendary battered Mars Bar. well I have wanted to try one for years!

As I sank my teeth into the crispy exterior, I was met with a delightful collision of textures. The batter crackled with a satisfying crunch, revealing the gooey, melted caramel and nougat within.

It was a carnival of flavours, a sweet symphony that tickled my taste buds and sent my senses into a whirlwind. Do I like it? Don’t I like it? I just did not know!! The deep fried mars bar got me confused!

While my waistline may have protested, my taste buds declared victory in the face of this unconventional indulgence. But I still didn’t know if I liked it.

The battered Mars Bar, with its decadent fusion of sugar and deep-fried magic, but did it turned out to be a guilty pleasure worth savouring, or not?

Also, leaving me with a mischievous and confused grin and a newfound appreciation for the quirky wonders of the culinary world.

A Battered Mars Bar And What I Really Thought Of It!!

A battered Mars Bar is something I have wanted to try for years, and years. The trouble is when you go to the seaside and have fish and chips you are too full to eat a treat afterward.

So for years and years I have just wonder what they would be like. Dreaming of the chocolate and caramel just running out like Nutella. But in reality, it doesn’t!!

So off we went for our fish and chips at our favourite place to eat in Skegness and we saw the sign battered Mars bars for only £1.50 each. A bargain or what!!

But there was no way I could eat one after the amazing fish, chips, and peas we had just eaten.

So a few days later in-between meal time we went and got a battered Mars Bar which I had been dreaming about for so long! So excited to try, I could not wait for it to cool and tucked in straight away.

It was not what I expected.

Don’t get me wrong, the Mars Bar was amazing and the batter was amazing, but for me, it did not tasted like I had thought it would.

My brain could not handle these two amazing things together. The sweet with the not so sweet.

It tasted crunchy on the outside and almost, mousse-like on the inside, not a flood of chocolate like I had dreamt of. I just didn’t get it. Ha! My son had some and he wasn’t sure, either. My daughter could not try it as it contained wheat, and my husband wasn’t bothered, either.

A Battered Mars Bar And What I really Thought Of It!!

A Battered Mars Bar And What I Really Thought Of It!!

Just in case you did not know, A battered Mars bar is a Chocolate Mars bar covered in batter then deep-fried in oil. The dish originated at a chip shop in Scotland as a novelty item.

You can also get battered Snickers in some places too. Some chips shops even do Cadbury’s Cream Egg ones near Easter.

So what does a battered Mars bar taste like?

Well the inside of the Mars Bar is warm and melted but not too runny like I imagined. Then you have the savoury taste of the batter on the outside.

My brain kept telling me it was a battered sausage and to add salt and vinegar!!

Where did the idea of a battered Mars bar come from?

Apparently, it started out as a dare. Nobody in their right mind would deep fry and eat a Mars Bar, right?

Wrong. Twenty-five years ago, cheeky Stonehaven schoolboy John Twaddle dared his mate Brian McDonald to try the chocolate bar – in batter – for his lunch.

Where To Buy A battered Mars Bar Or Battered Snicker In Skegness:

Trawler’s Catch; Grand Parade Leisure Complex, Grand Parade PE25 2UG This is such an amazing chip shop and the batter on the Mars Bar, fish, and battered sausage is amazing. I can vouch for this!!

About Trawlers Catch: 

we only serve quality ingredients all our products are locally sourced we offer a gluten-free menu and a vegetarian option.

We love their gluten-free menu for my daughter and they have a great selection of food for her here. Making it our favourite chip shop in Skegness.

Are battered mars bars nice?

It wasn’t how I imagined, I won’t rush to eat another but I wouldn’t rule another one out, either. But who I am I to judge, ha!! Go try one for yourself and let me know what you think?

Are battered Mars Bars Bad For You?

“A deep-fried Mars bar is mostly empty calories that fills you up and produces a massive blood sugar spike- Via Nutritional therapist Heather Lickley.

A Battered Mars Bar And What I really Thought Of It!!

A Battered Mars Bar And What I Really Thought Of It!! So have you ever tasted a battered Mars Bar?

Have you ever wanted to but not got around to it yet? I would love to hear your thoughts.

For me, I will keep my batter on my fish and sausages and Mars Bars separately, methinks!!

The battered Mars bars are not gluten-free but my daughter was not bothered as she really didn’t want to try one, anyway.

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A Battered Mars Bar And What I Really Thought Of It!!

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  1. Helen at the Lazy Gastronome
    13 October 2021 / 20:42

    Thanks for sharing at the What’s for Dinner party! Enjoy the rest of your week.

    • 20 October 2021 / 07:42

      Thanks for visiting, Helen.

  2. Niki
    28 July 2021 / 21:49

    Lucky for me and my waist line, I’m not big on fried foods. I used to hate sweets too, but it seems when I hit 33 or so I like them more than I should, lol. Thanks for hosting this lovely party each week! I am now following you on FB, you can like my page, Life as a LEO Wife or on Twitter @LifeasaLEOWife1 to follow back.

    • 29 July 2021 / 14:05

      Thanks so much for joining us. Hopping over now to follow you on Twitter.

  3. 28 July 2021 / 18:31

    I have always wonder what a fried chocolate bar would taste like – love this post! I think I would still want to try one if I see them around.
    Stay in touch?

    • 29 July 2021 / 14:02

      Thanks Jena. Worth trying if you see one.

  4. Michelle
    28 July 2021 / 07:50

    Ha! I hadn’t heard of battered Mars bars. How interesting! Glad you finally got the chance to try it.


  5. Lydia C. Lee
    27 July 2021 / 22:02

    Good for you to try – sounds completely disgusting tho…Ha!

  6. Karren Haller
    27 July 2021 / 17:12

    There are so many crazy dessert recipes, this one is interesting.

    • 27 July 2021 / 23:05

      Ha, there is. Thanks Karren.

  7. Heather
    27 July 2021 / 15:00

    I’ve never had one but I think I’d love it. Thanks for hosting!

    • 27 July 2021 / 23:05

      Worth trying if you get the chance Heather.

  8. Joanne
    26 July 2021 / 23:53

    I have never heard of battered mars bars but I have heard of fried oreos and I’ve always wanted to try them!

    • 27 July 2021 / 23:04

      I had not heard of fried Oreos until today. I want to try one now.

  9. jess jannenga
    26 July 2021 / 15:38

    I have not heard of this, but then again there are chocolate covered oreos and fried twinkies.
    As long as you enjoyed it or got to try it.
    jess xx

    • 27 July 2021 / 23:03

      Thanks Jess. Glad I eventually got to try one.

  10. 26 July 2021 / 15:29

    Ohh! I love battered Mars bars but haven’t found anywhere locally which does them now we’re in Scunthorpe. They used to be quite common in Northumberland. They do mess with your brain. They shouldn’t work but I think they do x

    • 27 July 2021 / 23:03

      Yes Kim, I agree. They did mess with my brain. I expected them to taste like one thing but got another. So glad I got to try one

  11. 26 July 2021 / 14:59

    I am not one for fried things but I probably would have wanted to try it: I am glad you shared of your experience as now I know I would want to skip it. It is fun to try things though when you are on vacation and out and aobut. The history of it is interesting too!

    • 27 July 2021 / 23:02

      Thanks lovely. I am glad I’ve tried one, put my mind at rest on what I was missing out on, or thought I was.

  12. Amy Johnson
    26 July 2021 / 13:36

    Honestly, it sounds so gross and disgusting to me I could never try it. I don’t like Mars bars to begin with, but then thinking of it deep fried makes me want to gag. I like Snickers, but thinking of that deep fried makes me want to gag too. But I’m also not a big fan of fried foods in general. I tend to get very sick if I eat too much fried food, not that I don’t eat them on occasion, I do, but in small amounts. Thank you for the party.

    • 27 July 2021 / 22:59

      Thanks so much for joining us Amy.

  13. 26 July 2021 / 12:00

    Oh wow, Claire, that was interesting to read about the battered Mars Bar. I have heard of all sorts of different battered and deep fried sweet treats (like fried Oreos, too) but I honestly have never been compelled to try any of them! I have tried fried ice cream though and that is pretty amazing. Although I never could quite figure how they get the fried dough all hot and yummy around the ice cream without reducing the ice cream to liquid! I am glad that you finally got to try the battered Mars Bar! Maybe it isn’t a bad thing that you didn’t like it that much considering all the empty calories and sugar spike effect! Haha. Thanks for sharing and hosting the link party!


    • 27 July 2021 / 22:58

      Wow, Shelbee I had not heard of fried Oreos or ice cream. I would be interested in trying them.

  14. 26 July 2021 / 08:22

    Rather you than me! I have heard of the battered Mars bar but have never thought of trying it! Thanks for the review – now I don’t need to 😉

    • 26 July 2021 / 08:48

      As much as I love chocolate a battered Mars Bar is not for me I’m afraid, just the name alone puts me off lol x

      • 27 July 2021 / 22:54

        Ha, Dawn you are not missing anything.

    • 27 July 2021 / 22:53

      Ha, I wont be rushing for another one any time soon, Lisa.