Black Jumper And Ripped Jeans Kinda Day

Black Jumper And Ripped Jeans Kinda Day B/W Photos

Black Jumper And Ripped Jeans Kinda Day: Black & White Photos. Hello friends. So how cold was it yesterday!?!

I popped back up to the gym for my 2nd day of a spinning classes. I am being good!?! Apart from the biscuits when I got home, and the remaining Christmas chocolates.

Boy can I tell today that I have done them! 2 spinning classes in 2 days…When I have not been in a while…

Love how the gym is full in January, with everyone wanting to get back into shape after Christmas. Come February it will be a lot easier to get into classes.

Thankfully I got in from my run home just before it poured it down with rain. Phew!!

In the afternoon it was even trying to snow. I was so cold. Wearing a nice cosy jumper and the heat tuned up always helps.

Black Jumper And Ripped Jeans Kinda Day: Black & White Photos:

I love editing my photos and love how these ones turned out. Really edgy!! So what do you think of my outfit? Also what do you think of these photos?

What I Wore: Black Jumper: Primark || Blue Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch || Bright Pink Shoes: Primark.

Loving these Abercrombie and Fitch jeans. The fit perfectly and so soft and stylish. A good pair of jeans is well worth the money, aren’t they?

As for shoes, I always go for cheap and cheerful. Well almost always. I do like a good pair of trainers and winter boots.

Loving this fun jumper from Primark too.

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Black Jumper And Ripped Jeans Kinda Day B/W Photos

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  1. Tameka Brown
    21 January 2015 / 02:55

    Casual chic! Thanks for linking up at Who's Wearing What Wednesdays at Pastries, Pumps and Pi!

  2. Happiness at Mid Life
    16 January 2015 / 04:44

    Great job for heading to spin! Human nature is funny, I bet it's the same people that all go to the gym in January and then don't come back till the next year. I workout at a Crossfit Gym so there's no increase in members which is nice. Love the fit of those jeans on you!

    • 16 January 2015 / 18:37

      Aww thank Alice, yes lol this would usually be me but on a mission now I'm in my 40's 🙂

  3. 15 January 2015 / 19:16

    Cool photos! I love ripped jeans, and there are definately days like this, Like your photos as wellfrom the link up, please stop by, jess xx

    • 16 January 2015 / 18:35

      Hi Jess, thanks for stopping by 🙂 hoping over now…

  4. 15 January 2015 / 15:34

    Those jeans are hot and I really like that sweater. IRL today as I am typing this, I am wearing an almost-identical sweater.

    • 15 January 2015 / 17:50

      Thanks Ada, whoo we have the same taste in clothes 🙂

  5. Mrs C
    15 January 2015 / 06:52

    Your jeans look so yummy! I love the slouchy look!