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Blackberry And Apple Chutney And Other Recipes

Blackberry And Apple Chutney And Other Recipes.

Hello lovelies. Fancy making your own chutney?

Great for any afternoon tea or tea time treats.

Blackberry And Apple Chutney: Great With Turkey

Blackberry And Apple Chutney:

This tasty chutney can be prepared well in advance, and is a perfect compliment to gammon, turkey and beef, as well as pork or game pies. What’s not to love?

Blackberry And Apple Chutney.

Quick Fruit and Honey Chutney.

Le Rustique has partnered with food blogger and cheese lover Lavender & Lovage to create unique recipes combining the creamy textures of Camembert and Brie with the sweet taste of honey. Le Rustique Camembert and Hazelnut Parcels with Quick Fruit and Honey Chutney.


4 responses to “Blackberry And Apple Chutney And Other Recipes”

  1. M.S. says:

    Uhm looks very yummy:) I caved… The daddy have done his guest post!

  2. Judy Haughton-James says:

    Looks yummy Clairejustine! I hope your weekend is going well.

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