Day Out In Lincoln

Last weekend we took the 2 youngest children on a lovely day out to Lincoln. The children were off school, the sun was shining and there was lots of walking to be done.

Our adventure started with a mile and half walk to the train station, first train into Nottingham then whichever train was leaving at the time, be it Matlock, Skegness or Lincoln, we was going out on an fun day to explore. It just so happened the Lincoln train was about to depart so Lincoln it was!!

As soon as we arrive we were tried, with lots of walking already, a few hours train ride it soon wore us out so first stop chips shop some pop and chocolate for some energy to get us up the steep hill!!

It worked the refuel got us up the big hill, wow it is so steep…

Hanging around a cannon, as you do !!

Time for a spot of posing and of course must not to forget to take the label of the pop bottle, ha ha.

Not many pictures of Lincoln Cathedral on this day as they have covered lots of it up as it looks like its getting a clean up .

Then the long walk down hill back to the train station. So proud of my little 2 we clocked up around 9 miles of walking that day…

Claire Justine
Claire Justine

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