Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress. Day 7 Of 30 Styling My Shoes, Boots, Converse, Or Trainers.

Hello friends, Happy Thursday. So how are you today? All good, I hope. 

Today is Thrifty Thursday and after getting soaking wet on my walk to the hairdressers, I did manage to cheer myself up when I found some bargains at the charity shop.

Amongst today’s bargains, I found some denim combats, just like some I was going to buy from the shop last week, for just 50p.

Eek, they are in the washing machine now as I type, so hopefully I can style them over the weekend.

Also a beautiful polka dot dress and short jumpsuit for £1.00 each. So made up with my bargains.

Taking off polka dot dresses, check out this amazing one I got from the charity shop for £3.50 a few weeks ago!!

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress:

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress. So today I am styling white Dr. Martens boots with a dress for a trendy look. Sharing my fashion tips for women over 50.

Firstly, can you wear Dr. Martens with a dress? Yes, you can.

I think they look good with long or long floaty dresses at my age. But try mixing up your style and lengths to see which you like best at any age.

I love my white Dr. Marten Boots but they are taking forever to bed in. Does anyone else, know this feeling?

I must make more effort to wear them more but the truth is, once they hurt me, I chuck them straight back into the shoe cupboard. For another day.

If I wear them every day, I am sure they will get comfier!! My daughter wears her black Dr. Martens daily, and she is fine with hers.

Anyway, I picked this beautiful polka dot dress up from the charity shop a few weeks ago and I adore it.

Isn’t it beautiful? I think these two go together perfectly! What do you think? Polka dots are such a versatile fashion for mature women.

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress. Embracing bold fashion choices.


Just changing the subject for a moment, 13 years ago I published my very first blog post. I was very nervous about pressing the publish button but very excited too.

So, I read an amazing fashion post in The Sun online. I love reading articles and styling tips for mature women.

In those days, you could just stroll through all the fashion pages of any newspaper. Also, I kept going back to one post in particular.

It was an American clothing challenge and experiment about the clothes we wore and whether they could stand the test of time. Called the siol.

siol was the shortened name for Six Items Or Less. A challenge where you could only wear 6 items of clothing for 1 month ( not including underwear etc). A challenge about expressing individuality through fashion.

I was hooked. I took part in the challenge for 2 individual months and that is where I made some great friends.

They all had blogs and wrote about the challenge. I had never heard of a blog before and was amazed at how amazing they were.

So I started my own!! I didn’t have a theme and wrote about whatever I liked on any particular day. I still don’t have a theme (but I am trying to work on that!!! Only took me 13 years!!).

But you all know about the tortoise and the hare, don’t you!! Hahaha.

Anyway, I love my blog and I am so excited to celebrate my 13th anniversary here with you all.

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress:

Anyway, back to today’s outfit. Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress.

Transitioning into day seven of my 30-day styling challenge, I am filled with anticipation for the new opportunities to explore my footwear collection.

Initially, reflecting on the previous day’s ensembles and the shoes that complemented them, I draw inspiration for today’s look.

I wish I had more time to go out and about but working and walking Murphy, my Goldendoodle, takes a lot of time. Plus the rain. I do not get dressed up to sit in the house!!

Additionally, considering the upcoming events and activities planned for the day, I carefully select the ideal pair to seamlessly blend style and functionality.

(BTW, This is not today’s look. As a run in the pouring rain to the hairdressers, trainers, and trousers were called for).

So today’s look is all about mixing edgy and feminine styles. What do you think?

Some more mixing and matching pieces are below:

Flowered Edgy Style

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress. I love experimenting with different looks. Do you too?

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White Dr. Martens Boots And A Dress:

Firstly, White Dr. Martens Boots And A Dress.

What I Wore: White Dr. Martens Boots- Schuh || Dress H&M || Boot Socks: Primark || Minnie Mouse Handbag: Primark

I adore how dressy a dress looks when worn with white Dr Martens boots. A fashionable and recognisable footwear option are white Dr Martens boots.

Whether it’s a breezy maxi dress, a carefree summer sundress, or a chic midi dress, dresses go well with these boots to create a variety of stylish looks.

White boots provide a striking and edgy contrast to feminine dresses, creating a well-balanced and stylish appearance appropriate for a variety of settings.

Simply pair these boots with your most fashionable clothing to determine which look they go best with.

My favourite pairing of boots and long, flowy skirts is one that I believe looks fantastic. White Dr. Martens Boots And A Dress.

Do you love pairing dresses with boots?

How To Make A Statement With Your

How To Make A Statement With Your Dr. Marten Boots:

Secondly, How To Make A Statement With Your Dr. Marten Boots.

What I Wore: Jacket: Charity Shop | Skirt: Charity Shop | Shoes: Dr. Martens

How To Make A Statement With Your Dr. Marten. Looking to make a bold fashion statement? Look no further than your trusty pair of Dr. Martens!

These classic boots are renowned for their strong build and edgy aesthetic. When worn with the appropriate ensemble, they can really turn heads.

Check out our advice on how to step up your style game and create a statement with your Dr Martens, from striking hues to contrasting accessories.

I haven’t pampered myself till I’m in my late 40s, though. Alternatively, when my daughter begged for some at Christmas, my husband treated me to some too.

Now that my daughter loves them too, I too adore them.

Though I also adore these boots, I am envious of her black ones. She feels the same way about my white ones. For years, I’ve wanted some, but I wanted something other than my daughter’s black boots at the time.

How To Make A Statement With Your Dr. Marten Boots. I also love this fashion-forward combination.

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress. Balancing sophistication and edge.

In conclusion, day seven presents yet another opportunity to experiment with different styles and textures.

Also, broaden my fashion horizons, and celebrate the versatility of my footwear collection with pride.

So what do you think about this look? chic footwear choices.

What I Wore: White Dr. Martens Boots: Schuh | Dress: No Label Inside via Charity Shop

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress:

Styling My White Dr. Martens Boots With A Dress. So what are your thoughts on today’s style?

I’m, like, my daughter, putting myself to the test by making an effort to wear my extensive shoe collection more frequently. or making an attempt. for thirty days.

Every day, a new pair. I truly hope you enjoy the tasks we have set for yourself. Thank you so much for dropping here.

Claire Justine Oxox- Over 50s Lifestyle Blog. You can also read more about me here: Over 50s Lifestyle Blog. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Also follow along on Facebook for regular updates. So what do you think? Staying stylish at any age.

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