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What I Wore: Kylie Minogue Concert In Nottingham

What I Wore: Kylie Minogue Concert. Not last week but the week before…

My Husband and I went to watch Kylie Minogue in concert in Nottingham.

Not only did we have an amazing night, it was win win, because my husband won us the tickets by entering a competition over on Twitter.

So it was a free night out too.

What I Wore: Kylie Minogue Concert

What I Wore: Kylie Minogue Concert:

When in Nottingham he posted a Kylie selfie with one of the stands below and tweeted Capital FM Arena (who were hosting the competition) his picture.

His first ever competition win and what an amazing prize he won us!!

I’ve not been to a concert for over 20 years, eek the last one was to see Prince in Sheffield.

What to wear!?!

I wore a little black dress {wow it was warmer a few weeks ago}..

A bright coloured vest top. And some florescent yellow converse.

My shoes caused some looks, smiles, frowns but after 4 hours standing I knew they were perfect for the night!! 

What I Wore: Kylie Minogue Concert
What I Wore: Kylie Minogue Concert
What I Wore: Kylie Minogue Concert
What I Wore: Kylie Minogue Concert
What I Wore: Kylie Minogue Concert

What I Wore: Kylie Minogue Concert:

What I Wore:

Dress ~ Rule1store

Vest top ~ F&F Tesco

Shoes ~ Converse

It was a great night and Kylie sang my favourite song of hers..

All The Lovers..

What is your favourite Kylie song?

When she sang ‘Kids’ I was hoping Robbie Williams may have been passing and made a surprise appearance!!!

No such luck though.

Haha haha ha.

What, where when and who did you last go to see in concert!?!

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16 thoughts on “What I Wore: Kylie Minogue Concert In Nottingham

  1. Claire, You look great and so does Kylie!! I loved when she did one of the Dr. Who Christmas specials and have been a Fan of hers ever since…..Thanks so much for always dropping by and for taking the time to always leave a comment!! They brighten my days which right now are so busy because i have myself involved in a lot right now!! LOL!!Hugs,Deb

  2. Looks like a great night & perfect footwear! You have to wear flats at a concert – so much standing – so good call! Ax

  3. Oh Claire, you look absolutely gorgeous for Kylie's Concert. I bet it was an amazing show. I love your crystal-embellished LBD and Yellow Sneakers. =)

  4. How fun! You looked gorgeous and the shoes were absolutely perfect. :)

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