A Girl For All Time Website And Matilda secret Book Review…

I have just been sent a book from A girl for all Time website called Matilda’s secret.

About the website:

The is a lovely website aimed for girls aged 8-12 years old who still loves dolls but are moving away from baby dolls.

Matilda is the first crafter historical doll in a series in which you can buy her,clothes for her a thrilling novel and a customizable keepsake book that encourage girls in imaginative play.

                                         Matilda £89-99

Each doll features in a series of novels set in different eras of the most exciting times in English history.

The novels encourage girls to explore the past, while the keepsake books bring the character’s world to life with themed activities and adventures.

About the Matilda Secret book:

 A girl called Matilda who lives a dull life in the country.

She loves to hide in her favourite spot in a pear tree where she can hide for half a hour and write in her precious diary away from from all the sewing and laundering and grinding up hare’s brain for her brothers stinking foot.


                                                                                   Matilda’s secret £6-99

She longs for a more glamours life at courts that her cousin Katherine Howard has.

One night she is awoken by the sounds of hooves beneath her window it was here uncle the Duke of Norfolk  himself,he wanted a obedient quick girl to watch over Katherine.

This is where her life changed forever……Matilda is drawn into a glittering world of,intrigue,intense friendship and mortal danger which takes her from Hampton court palace to the Bloody Tower itself.


Written by Sandra Goldbacher a screenwriter and director who is twice BAFTA nominated for her feature films.This is a beautiful illustrated 180 page paper back book.

I think this is a lovely website for girls,my own daughter is to young for the book yet,but is very interested in Matilda.

She keeps asking me if she can look at the website and what happening to Matida in the book.

The other day she was even drawing a picture of Matida on the computer and asked me if I would keep the book safe until she is bigger…

So I know we will be getting to know the Matilda secret and many of the other stories very well in the future.

About this post:

I got sent a book to share my thoughts on and the website. No payment was received.


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