The ABC’S Of Me: Questions And Answers

The ABC’S Of Me: Questions And Answers. Hello friends, so how are you today? Happy Thursday. So how are you today?

I found this fun little question and answers over on Southern Girl Running blog and decided to borrow the idea so you, my blog readers can get to know me a little better. How fun!!

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Nottingham Castle And The Robin Hood Statue

The ABC’S Of Me: Questions And Answers:

Age: 37, 38 (VERY SOON). I know, I’m getting old 🙁

Bed Size: King size. I like lots of room. The more room the better. I really would like an even bigger bed if we can!

Chore You Dislike: Housework!! Especially Ironing for 6 people! Grr, I am also not too fond of cooking but a girl has got to do, what a girl has got to do and all that jazz!!

Dogs: Love dogs, they are so sweet but haven’t got time for any at the minute 🙁 I would love another one though.

Essential Start To The Day: A nice glass of water then a cup of tea. I sometimes forget the water. Ekkk!!!

Favourite Colour: It has to be red!! Red lipstick, red nails, red shoes, red dress. Not all at the same time though!! I do not want to over do it!

Gold or Silver: I love both. But I prefer Silver.

Height: 5’6 now. I was 5’8 years ago but having 4 kids knocked me down 2 inches.

Instruments: I can not play a thing. Nothing at all.

Job Title: Stay at home mum. One day I would love to be a shopaholic but until money grows on trees, I will just be a mum 🙂

Kids: I have so many, ha!! 4 kids 16, 14, 8, and 5.

The ABC'S Of Me: Questions And Answers

The ABC’S Of Me: Questions And Answers:

Lives: I live in Nottinghamshire, England.

Mum’s Name: Margaret but she likes to be called Ruth.

Nicknames: Not got one at the minute. Not one what I get called to my face anyway 🙂 I may have one I do not know about!?

Overnight Hospital Stays: 4 kids 4 stay in hospital and tonsil out when I was 11 ish…

Pet Peeves: I could go on all day…Nothing to bad though that I can not handle though.

Quote from a Movie: “No I’ve never liked them” “Nobody laughs so loud when you’ve got a grand in your back pocket” “I’ve already seen you hoovering and let it go” The Full Monty!! Love, love, love this movie!

Righty or Lefty: Lefty…

Siblings: None I am an only child.

Time You Wake Up: Week days 7 am for sandwich box making for 4 kids and husband and 7.30 am weekend for 8 o’clock run. No lay in’s here 🙁

University: Nope! I didn’t go to a University.

Vegetables You Don’t Like: Broad beans yucky! Brussels too. I do have one on my Christmas dinner though. Tradition and all that.

What Makes You Run Late: 2 youngest kids for school we can be up 2 hours but rush up to school.

X-Rays You’ve Had: A few on my teeth, through eating to many sweets when I was younger.

Yummy Food You Make: Pasta, curry, pizza and cakes. I used to love the smell of fresh bread cooking when I went to my grandmas house. I was never good at making it myself though.

Zoo Animal Favourite: Monkeys, I could watch them play all day. They are so funny!! 

Nottingham Castle And The Robin Hood Statue

The ABC’S Of Me: Questions And Answers. So what would your answers be?

Updated Photos!!

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The ABC'S Of Me: Questions And Answers

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    Thanks for the comments,no i don't mind 🙂 that's how i got it :)….

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    28 April 2011 / 16:36

    What a fantastic list and such great answers.Do you mind if I borrow this for my blog?

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    Oh this is a great idea – I love it! Such interesting things you find out about people frm these posts. Sarah xxx

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    28 April 2011 / 11:57

    Claire, this is a great list, funny , witty and personal.I learn a lot about you.I was a stay home mom for about 5 years so I understand the lack of sleep, the constant running and the joys a tribulations of working hard for our family while not making any money!