Ready For The Weekend: Bring It On

Ready For The Weekend: Bring It On. Hello friends, happy Friday. So how are you today? Are you ready for the weekend too?

It is my weekend to work, this weekend. I am actually looking forward to working it as I am not usually a fan of working weekends. I am up early and rearing to go!!

Or is it that my youngest son woke me up at 5 am coming home from a night out!! As he gets in, I get up for the day. No doubt he will be asleep until I come home from work!

Ready For The Weekend

Ready For The Weekend:

The thing is with every back into a routine after Summer I am so bored at home on my own. My eldest son has left home, my daughter is at college and my husband works most days so I don’t really want to go far on days out or going shopping on my own.

I also miss my walkies with Mollie so much and feel so ‘billy no mates’ walking out on my own for a bit of exercise.

We used to walk around the park every morning throwing Frisbee and running with Mollie and now everything has just stopped.

I could start running again but first I got ill with flu, then run down after being ill, and now have a trapped never in the top of my back so I still can not go running.

Grr, not much fun getting older.

I did do a mile run a few days ago and have been aching ever since.

Take me to the weekend!! Just a 6 hour 45 minutes shift at work to get through first, then bring it on.

Ready For The Weekend
Ready For The Weekend
Ready For The Weekend
Fashion in London

Ready For The Weekend: Bring It On:

Don’t you just love finding a big door to pose in front of in London? I know I do!!

What I Wore: T-shirt; Take Me To The Weekend Tu Clothing @ Sainsbury’s || Jeans: Tu Clothing @ Sainsbury’s || Bag: Cath Kidston ||  Trainer: Nike Air Force 1

In other news, I went shopping for a few autumn clothes yesterday in Meadowhall.

I am obsessed with knitted tank tops at the minute and picked up 2 really funky vintage-style tank tops. One stripy and once yellow and orange.

So I tried them on last night and they look amazing! I can not wait to share them here with you.

Also, I picked out a jumper dress that looks beautiful too. I can’t wait to wear this as well with my chunky biker boots.

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What I really Wore For Bowling: Weekend Link Up:

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Last week we had a fun day out bowling, for my Son’s 16th birthday. Fashion alert!! Look at these shoes, ha!! What I really Wore For Bowling: Weekend Link. Up and out early, such a lovely day out at bowling with my Son for his 16th birthday. Loved having all the family back together again.

It does get hard work getting everyone together at the minute with me and my Husband and eldest Son working and one Son at Uni, but we managed to all have the day together. What I really Wore For Bowling: Weekend Link Up.

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Ready For The Weekend: Bring It On:

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Fashion in London
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  1. 17th September 2021 / 1:25 pm

    Such a fun and comfy weekend look!

  2. Joanne
    17th September 2021 / 8:49 pm

    I love those jeans! The whole outfit is so cute.

  3. 19th September 2021 / 5:28 am

    Looking so very nice. Thanks for hosting and I hope that your weekend is going great.

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