Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Blue

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Blue, not around here, though!! Ha! Dark clouds, wind, and rainbows, all-around, this week. Even snow!! Happy Saturday friends. How is your weekend going? Cold isn’t it? The heating has been on all week. Surly we have turned it off by now and not back on until September!! So how are you today?

A Little Progress Each Day Adds Up To Big Results. Yesterday morning I went for a little run. I had not run in over 3 weeks now. When I had my Covid jab I didn’t feel like running as I was so ill. Then I was so tired and could not be bothered! Next, I know 3 weeks have passed by. I want to get healthier for my next jab so I thought I better start again!! Then Friday afternoon I went to the gym. Go me!! Not pushing my luck today!!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Blue

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Blue:

It is so cold outside so I decided to go for a run. No that didn’t work so I’ve put the heating back on! “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” – Judy Garland, ‘Over The Rainbow’,

Caption This? I’ll Go First: Now can you caption these photos taken in the freezing cold weather?

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Blue

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, no not me the weather 😉

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Blue

What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting for?- Gwen Stefani

Polka Dot Dress

Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home. Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Blue. I love these moody photos. Sum up our week, really!! Also, yes I do find it hard to smile and look happy when I am freezing cold! How about you?

What I Wore:

Red Dress: Amazon | Denim Jacket: Next | Love Our Planet Vegan Boots: Tu Clothing at Sainsbury’s | Hair Clips My Shop: Claire Justine Shop

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Firstly, Elephant Street Art Loughborough: OOTD & My Favourite Polka Dot Dress. Happy Wayback Wednesday friends! Today I’m sharing some street art that I took in Loughborough a few years ago. I’ve added a pop of colour to it to brighten my old photos up a little. Not sure if it is still there as none of my Sons are no longer at Uni anymore so we do not get to visit but this is one of my favourite pieces of street art ever as it was huge and so beautiful 😍. Elephant Street Art Loughborough: OOTD & My Favourite Polka Dot Dress.

Secondly, Polka Dot Mad? I Even Have The Mug To Match. Welcome to this weeks, The Weekend Blog Hop. How has your week been so far?  The weather has been lovely here over the last few days, red hot! Polka Dot Mad? I Even Have The Mug To Match.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Blue

I Also Have This Dress In Different Colours:

  • Firstly, Brown Polka Dot Dress: Pretty Woman Style!? I have been trying to rest up my foot up as I really want to go to London today. {You know what it is like when you have someone to look after your dog and this only chance you might get until next week!}. Not sure if I can walk for miles but I will try. I think we are going to hire some Santander Cycles to get around London quickly. Brown Polka Dot Dress: Pretty Woman Style!?
  • Secondly, Turquoise Polka Dot Dress With A Sleeve. What has been happening in your part of the world lately? Nothing much here and I am so missing our usual summer routines. The children will be back at school next week after months and months off school. That will be very strange!! The plumber is coming today to finish fitting our new shower, toilet, and sink. Eek, I can not wait as we had it ripped out in March, just before lock-down!! A Walk At Newstead Abbey: Turquoise Polka Dot Dress.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Blue,
Claire Justine
Claire Justine

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  1. 28 May 2021 / 15:39

    I love this dotty dress, Claire! And the way you have styled it is so adorable. Those boots are great! There have been snowflakes spotted this morning near me so I totally get it! It feels more like winter than almost summer here. Thanks for linking with me!


  2. 21 May 2021 / 17:16

    This dress is a ray of sunshine for a gloomy day. I like how you made it appropriate for the weather. Hope the sun comes soon!

    • 24 May 2021 / 13:13

      Thanks lovely. It makes me smile 🙂

  3. Panty Buns
    17 May 2021 / 18:49

    When I saw the title of this post I immediately thought of Judy Garland singing that song in the movie version of ‘the Wizard of Oz’ and thought perhaps onre of the photos should be captioned ‘I don’t think I’m in Kansas any more.’ 😀
    I love that song.
    It has gotten very Spring-like where I am (Eastern Long Island, New York, USA).
    I LOVE those dresses!!!!!! The vibrant colours, big polka-dots and wonderful flare of them look delightfully feminine and pretty. I love the red dress the best, but I also love the looks of the turquoise and brown ones as well.

  4. Lovely
    13 May 2021 / 07:36

    These polka dot dresses look beautiful on you!

  5. Emma Peach
    10 May 2021 / 23:40

    I love the polka dot dresses! I’ve been exactly the same since having my vaccine – I haven’t run for almost three weeks because it really made me feel poorly. I need to get back into the routine!

    Emma xxx

    • 13 May 2021 / 10:08

      Oh no, Emma. I hope you are feeling better now.? Funny how it affects some and not others 🙁 I am not looking forward to the next one!

  6. Joanne
    8 May 2021 / 18:22

    Polka dots look good on you though!

  7. Sandy Hunter
    8 May 2021 / 18:05

    I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is quite warm here. Of course, that portends a hot summer. Too hot!! But I’m loving it after the long COVID winter.
    Hang in there!!

    • 9 May 2021 / 17:33

      Aww, I bet it is amazing. Yes Winter has been so long here too with covid 🙁