Styling A Light Blue Layered Dress On Holiday

Styling A Light Blue Layered Dress On Holiday In Mallorca.

Hello friends, happy Tuesday. So how are you all today? Hello, so have you missed me?

If you follow my Instagram account you will already know, that we have been away on holiday.

“Celebrate Good Times, Come On!” Styling A Light Blue Layered Dress.

Transitioning seamlessly from daytime excursions to an evening soirées, styling a light blue layered dress on holiday offers versatility and elegance.

Moreover, accessorising with wedge sandals creates a laid-back yet chic look perfect for exploring sunny destinations, transforms the ensemble for a night of dining and dancing under the stars.

Styling A Light Blue Layered Dress On Holiday

Styling A Light Blue Layered Dress:

Home After An Amazing Week Away. No, the kids didn’t miss us. ( All grown up now!!).

Also, Murphy the Goldendoodle never even noticed us when we went back to get him from his dog vacation!!

He was too busy trying to catch Freddie my fur baby brother who went with him to say at a friend’s house.

Oh well, this means we can start to sneak off for more weeks away now we have a passport and no one needs us!! Haha!!

Not the end of my holiday snaps though, I now have time to sort them out and also start sharing some of my outfits!! Before we need our autumn clothes!!

I picked this beautiful dress up a few days before I went away in the summer sales and these sandals up a few months ago.

Styling A Light Blue Layered Dress On Holiday

Styling A Light Blue Layered Dress.

Styling A Light Blue Layered Dress What I Wore: Dress: Quiz (quizclothing) | Sandals: Shoezone (shoezoneuk).

So what do you think of my Light Blue Layered Dress?

Hotel in Palma Nova- Globales Mimosa.

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Enjoying the moment though and managing to get by, one cocktail or piece of cake at a time.

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On Holiday

Styling A Light Blue Layered Dress.

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Styling A Light Blue Layered Dress On Holiday In Mallorca.

Styling A Light Blue Layered Dress On Holiday:

Styling A Light Blue Layered Dress. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit here today.

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  1. jess jannenga
    2 October 2022 / 20:21

    Sounds like a wonderful escape Claire, I have never been there! Enjoy seeing pictures of you and your hubby and that delicate baby blue dress looks wonderful!
    jess xx
    thanks for linking!

    • 9 October 2022 / 17:14

      Thanks so much for hosting and stopping by, Jess.

  2. 27 September 2022 / 14:27

    I really like how comfortable this dress looks for a holiday and walking around. The shade of blue is very pretty.

  3. Kathrine Eldridge
    27 September 2022 / 12:01

    This dress is so pretty! I love the color and the tier details!

  4. Lovely
    15 September 2022 / 05:11

    I’m glad to know you had a wonderful holiday. Your dress is beautiful.

  5. 14 September 2022 / 20:41

    Lovely dress, and isn’t it nice to get away without the kids some times. Glad you had fun Claire. Jacqui x

    • 9 October 2022 / 17:07

      It was lovely and relaxing, Jacqui.

  6. 14 September 2022 / 13:31

    Fantastic holiday looks The blues are so beautiful.


  7. Joanne
    13 September 2022 / 21:51

    Your holiday looks amazing and I love your beautiful light blue dress.