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A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog. Hello friends, happy Tuesday. Would you like to come with us on A Muddy Walk In Bakewell?

A muddy walk in Bakewell or should I say a Very Very muddy walk in Bakewell!? Haha! So much fun!!

A stream of water

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell:

Over the school holidays, a few weeks ago we took a nice family drive out to one of our favourite places for a walk in the UK, Bakewell.

Where Is Bakewell?

Bakewell is a small market town and civil parish in the Derbyshire Dales district of Derbyshire, England, known for a local confection, Bakewell pudding.

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog:

We all dressed up smart but with plenty of clothes on so we were nice and warm when walking. But we forgot one thing, though. It is still Winter and there had been lots of rain!! Lots and lots of rain.

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog

As soon as we started our walk we all looked at each other and said, oh no mud!!

A fallen tree in our path. It was hard crawling under it in the mud.

I was just hoping it would not move and squash me as there was no way I wanted to try and climb over it!!


A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog

I did go out in clean shoes, honest.

It was unbelievably muddy and slippy when we were climbing the hills. I was dressed in jeans, my daughter had her new tracksuit bottoms on and my son had his new trainers on.

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog

Oh well, we were there now and there was nothing we could do about it other than getting on with it and enjoy it!!

Don’t leave me!!

The hills were fun but in some places, there was not much room between the path and a sheer drop.

Scary in all the mud.

On slip and it would be like a game of snakes and ladders.

family walk

Come on Mum.

Mollie thought “Never leave a man behind” bless her.

Mollie the collie

Aww, Mollie kept coming back to see where I was. Splashing me with mud in her excitement of running around freely.

Tree roots

How cool are the roots of the tree? Love seeing all these trees. What could be better in Winter than being out in the country, breathing in the fresh air?

Tree roots

I bet it these looks like something out of a scary movie at night time.

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog

Up to the top of the hill and some more trees have blown down in the wind. It was starting to get scary now!! I hate it when I see blown down trees on a path we were walking along. Can you imagine how scary it must be if you see it fall down?

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog

How cool are the hand-built walls at the top of the peaks!? I love these kinds of wall’s. We do not have any around were we live but remind me of visiting my Aunty’s house when I was younger as she lived in the country.

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog

How cool are the tall trees too?

Eventually, it was time to come down the hill. Yeah!! Everyone tired and ready for fish and chips. No walks around the shops for us this day, though. We were all caked in mud.

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog
A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog

Time for some pictures before we eat.

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog

Mollie really enjoyed her run and got all muddy too.

 A bit of rain and mud eh!?

 At least we were on the flat now.

 How cool are the muddy reflections?

 The sheep in the fields looked a bit muddy too.

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog:

We all went to the car and fed Mollie whilst my husband fetched the chips. After all, he was the cleanest one out of us all. Lol.

All in all, it was a great day. One we will remember for years to come. That is all that matters. No one remembers the day you sat home all day and did nothing, do they!?

A Muddy Walk In Bakewell.

What to do in Bakewell in Winter? Go for a nice walk in the country :).

We also enjoyed the day really. But also such a fun memories to look back on.

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45 comments so far.

45 responses to “A Muddy Walk In Bakewell: UK Travel And Lifestyle Blog”

  1. Oh My Heartsie Girl (Linky) says:

    What a wonderful place to walk in the outdoors, the trees are amazing with there big roots, they must be quit old. Love all the moss! Join us on OMHGWW and linkup!Have a great week!

  2. Sophie says:

    Looks like a beautiful walk! Nothing like a forest ramble to wake you up 🙂

  3. Tamar SB says:

    How lovely! Even if a bit muddy!

  4. Teresa Kindred says:

    That's so pretty! I love the moss on the trees!

  5. Michelle Ordever says:

    I used to love a woodland walk – it's been ages. I'm no good with mud – I'm terrified of slipping over!!

  6. stevebethere says:

    Lovely photos nice walk too even with the mud hope you didn't have too much cleaning up to do LOL 🙂

  7. Helen J says:

    Wow that is some serious mud, but it looks so beautiful still :)Helen x

  8. alissa apel says:

    I'm always lagging behind because I'm busy taking photos. It does look fun. You're so right about the mud though. Yikes! I bet that was a pain to clean up. I love the reflection of the tree in the water.

  9. Paighton Millington says:

    Well, it looks very wet and muddy, but so pretty at the same time. What a lovely place to walk! Beautiful photos. X

  10. Five Little Doves says:

    Gorgeous photos, so muddy but muddy walks are always fun, just not fun cleaning the dog afterwards!

  11. Jen Robertson-Peverley says:

    Lovely to see you enjoying an adventure, regardless of the weather, and MUD! I started reading this and thought of "We're going on a bear hunt". (sorry).I love getting out and about when we can, and I'm one for not letting the likes of mud stop it. Loving the photos, looks wonderful.

  12. ana de jesus says:

    This reminds me of where I am originally from as it was very hilly and 'country-side like' . Such beautiful photos x

  13. Rhonda Albom says:

    Looks like gum boot country. Mollie probably had a blast. I love the green, miss covered trees in your photos.

  14. Natalia Molinero says:

    those pictures look beautiful! I could get some cheap shoes just to do the route as I think it's worth it 😀 x

  15. Alina Ghost says:

    I absolutely love love love walks (even if they're muddy!) and my pup enjoys them as well…. he's also white though so means he always has to be washed haha.

  16. Kara Guppy says:

    That is a very muddy walk. The roots on that tree are amazing, they remind me of a book my son likes to read called "where's my hairy toe"………I think you found it

  17. Stella Olojola says:

    I love a good walk. It helps me stay sane and this place looks great to walk.

  18. Jo Robinson-Vann says:

    We went to Bakewell a few months ago, but into the town and sampled proper bakewell tarts! The walk looks beautiful though and we like finding new places to take our pooch 🙂

  19. Catherine Jordan says:

    Despite the mud it sounds like a lovely walk. You got some fab pictures and I do like the roots and walls, very cool indeed. And I bet Mollie was in her element. I know our dog would be too!

  20. Little Pickles Mom says:

    Wow, you weren't joking when you said it was muddy!! Ha ha. Even the dog looks a bit bemused at all the mud!

  21. MamaMummyMum says:

    It looks more like an assault course lol, I think I would have turned back around #pocolo

  22. Wendy says:

    This looks like such a fun walk! Who cares about a little bit of mud anyway? I love all the photos, I bet cleaning your dog up later wasn't much fun though!xx #pocolo

  23. Stone Cottage Adventures says:

    'Looks like a wonderful day to me! The mossy rock walls are so pretty! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures Hopping over from PoCoLo

  24. Morgan Prince says:

    Looks like a great day. I'm not sure I'd have been very keen on the mud but those photos are amazing, I'm sure it made up for the mud! Thanks for linking to #pocolo

  25. Zena's Suitcase says:

    What beautiful pictures, but what a muddy walk. I love the attitude though, you do just have to embrace these things don't you

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