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A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart

A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart

A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart And Bakewell Puddings. Yum!! Hello friends, happy Monday.

It is a beautiful day today but we are not going anywhere at all. Staying put at home. Making the most of being at home and getting some jobs done, jobs that need to be done, anyway.

I can feel summer slipping away and I don’t like it one little bit.

Usually, at this time of year, I am getting ready for Autumn because I am worn out with summer holidays but not this year because we have not been anywhere too far.

How can we be bored of Summer when we have hardly been anywhere or done much with COVID-19 around!!

Be as true to each other as this dial is to the Sun.
Purple flowers
A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart

A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart

The Summer Is Magic, don’t you think?

Summer has kept me sane with not going anywhere. At least it has been light in the morning and at night.

The sunshine which gives us a bit of hope of normality. I am sure it will be a lot harder trying to get motivated in Winter!!

Pink roses
Pink roses
Pink Roses

A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart:

We did manage to visit Bakewell once this year. Bakewell is one of my all-time favourite places in the UK to visit.

We like to visit as much as possible thought out the summer months but this year has been different.

Love locks

Love locks on a bridge in Bakewell- Lock all your love on me!! Have you ever locked up your love on a bridge?

Bakewell is such a nice and peaceful place to visit where you can gather your thoughts and make plans.

I love to see Bakewell in bloom too. It is such a pretty place to visit and take lots of photos.

We visited Bakewell in the school summer holidays. But it was not these same at the minute.

We did not visit the shops which we usually like to do because we just do not like going to the shops at the minute unless we have too. We did visit the River Wye which is very beautiful at the minute and full of colour, swans ducks and fish.

Bakewell bridge over the River Wye,

Also, we did not have our usual fish and chips because of the ques and social distancing but we were prepared for this and took a picnic box so we were not hungry!

A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart
A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart
A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart

owe did hang around too long before we headed off for home, either.

Grow old along with me; the best is yet to be.

Let’s hope the better days ahead hurry up and come!!

A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart

A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart:

A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart What I Wore: 50’s Style Afternoon Tea Dress Summer 2020 c/o Joe Brown: Your Wardrobe Shaken and Stirred With Joe Browns. |Sandals: Clarks

Finally, I hope you like this post?

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A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart.

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8 responses to “A Summers Day In Bakewell: Home Of The Bakewell Tart”

  1. A great series of lovely (and mouth-watering) shots!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sherry says:

    What a lovely post with all of those flowers as your backdrop. Beautiful and that dress is perfect for the occassion.

  3. Anna says:

    Such a pretty area, beautiful flowers everywhere. You chose a perfect dress for a perfect day, Claire

  4. Such fun photos! I love all the locks. I usually don’t mind when summer comes to an end, but this year I am dreading the longer hours of darkness and the cold. But we must stay cheerful and hopeful, my friend! The struggle is real.


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