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Ainsley Harriott Winter Warmer Soups Review

Ainsley Harriott Winter Warmer Soups Review. Hello friends. Happy Sunday.

Post Contains PR Samples.

So earlier this week I received this lovely and exciting hamper full of tasty Winter Warmer soups and goodies. How cool? I love soup, especially in Winter.

Ainsley Harriott Winter Warmer Soups Review

Ainsley Harriott Winter Warmer Soups Review:

I was sent this hamper to celebrate the new delicious premium soups from one of the UK’s favourite chefs Ainsley Harriott. So many yummy flavours to choose from but which one to try first?

Ainsley Harriott Winter Warmer Soups Review

Expanding his tasty food range these inspiring soups come in exotic new flavours and convenient tub designs.

The tubs are microwavable so also great for grabbing a quick warm snack or taking to work for lunch.

Soup dishes

How sweet are the soup bowls and spoons?

Grow your own herbs

Ainsley Harriott Winter Warmer Soups Review:

I cannot wait to grow my own herbs. Thanks Ainsley!

The new Ainsley Harriott Premium soup range include:

Mediterranean Red Pepper.

Malaysian Lentil.

Tuscan Cherry Tomato.

Yorkshire Carrot and Rocket.

Spanish Chorizo and Paprika.

Red Thai Style Chicken.

Ainsley Harriott Premium soups are available at Tesco, Morrison’s and Asda RRp £1.69. What do you think? Do you fancy trying one?

Ainsley Harriott Winter Warmer Soups Review
Ainsley Harriott Winter Warmer Soups Review
Ainsley Harriott Winter Warmer Soups Review
Ainsley Harriott Winter Warmer Soups Review

Having all the children home and my husband off work on a Saturday, what better time to try all the range out?

We enjoyed all the flavours, also my favourite was the Tuscan Cherry Tomato. 

So Yummy!

Most Importantly, Full Of Flavour!

Very posh soups indeed!

I felt like I was in an expensive restaurant only I had to cook and serve for everyone. Ha ha..

In conclusion, a big thumbs up we all enjoyed the soups and not a drop was wasted!! So tasty.

*About this post- I was sent this hamper to review the new range of soups. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own honest opinion*.

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6 comments so far.

6 responses to “Ainsley Harriott Winter Warmer Soups Review”

  1. Isobel Morrell says:

    If the soups are as delicious as his Couscous dishes, he (and you!) are on to a winner. Thanks for bringing them to my attention – could be great when the bad weather sets in down here in Wiltshire! Know Nottingham well – younger daughter lives just north of you in Kirkbu-in-Ashfield, and we used to live over the border in Lincolnshire some years ago. Happy Christmas to you all!

  2. Kriss MacDonald says:

    We were big fans of the couscous range too in UK so I bet the soups are great. Ainsley Harriot one time was in front of me paying for his food in Sainsbury's and couldn't have been more charming. He was chatting away with the check out woman and then asked if I had a reward card so I could get the points for his shopping. Super nice guy and great chef.

  3. Judy Haughton-James says:

    I love soup and would definitely enjoy these products. Looks so delicious Claire!

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