Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham. This a guest post Prosciutto di Parma.

Hello friends. So I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and New Year?

As soon as Christmas Day is over, the question turns from what to cook, to what to do with all the leftovers!

Want To Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham?

Luckily, Parma Ham is a versatile ingredient that can be used in an array of recipes with different foods, providing solace to those despairing in front of their overflowing fridge in the days between Christmas and New Year’s.

(Talking of Christmas, did you also see this Ultimate Christmas Tree Prosciutto di Parma Cheeseboard?)

Produced under the watchful eye of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, Parma Ham is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product, meaning it can only be produced in the hills around Parma, Italy using two ingredients – Italian pork and salt.

This makes it 100% natural and free from the added nitrates and nitrites that make other types of red meat so unhealthy.

In other words, Parma Ham is the ideal ingredient for those who have pledged a healthier lifestyle in their New Year’s resolutions!

From simple breakfast ideas to New Year’s antipasti, there’s something for everyone in these Parma Ham recipes using your Christmas leftovers.

An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham.

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham

Toast With Sesame Seeds, Parma Ham, And Avocado:

Perfect for breakfast, this toast is easy to make with staple ingredients already in your cupboard.

Serves 1


4 Slices of wholegrain bread, toasted

2 Avocados, peeled and de-stoned

100g Parma Ham, sliced

Tabasco sauce

Black sesame seeds

Lemon juice

Salt & Pepper

Extra virgin olive oil


1.) Firstly, mash one and a half avocados with a fork. Thinly slice the remaining avocado, sprinkling the slices with lemon juice and seasoning the mashed pulp with salt, pepper, oil and a few drops of tabasco.

2.) Spread the avocado puree on the toast then top with the Parma Ham and avocado slices. Last but not least, finish by sprinkling the black sesame seeds.

Why Not Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham:

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham
Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham

Parma Ham Crostini:

These appetisers are perfect for a New Year’s Eve party, served with Parma Ham and any other Italian ingredients leftover from the Christmas party season.

Serves 6-10.


For The Crostini:

1 Ciabatta loaf, sliced into 2cm slices

Extra virgin olive oil, for drizzling

Small pinch Sea salt flakes

Small pinch Black pepper

For The Toppings:

10 Cherry tomatoes, halved

4 Fresh figs, quartered

6 Strips of Prosciutto, halved

2 sprigs Mint leaves, fresh

60g Artichoke hearts, in jars of olive oil, quartered

100g Mini mozzarella balls

25g Walnuts, halved

100g Goat’s cheese


1.) Lay the ciabatta slices on the baking tray, so they are not touching. Drizzle with olive oil and season.

2.) Place the figs onto a separate baking tray along with the tomatoes and drizzle with a little olive oil.

3.) Place both the bread and the figs and the tomatoes into the oven. After 10 minutes, remove from the oven.

4.) After a further 8 minutes, remove the crostini’s when golden brown.

To Decorate:

1.) Firstly, start by adding the ingredients to the two styles of crostini’s, by adding small amounts and making them uniform. 

2.) Tip – for the cherry tomatoes, burst them open as you rub them over the ciabatta so the flavour covers the slices.

3.) Once the main ingredients have been added, drizzle over some extra olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt flakes.

4.) Finish by adding the Parma ham in a twist on top.

5.) Serve on a large plate to share or as an appetiser before dinner. 

Recipe created by Tastehead. Photographs taken by Steve Lee Studios.

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham:

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham
Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham

Fennel And Parma Ham Pasta Bake:

The aromatic anise flavour of the fennel mixed with the savoury taste of Parma Ham complement one another in this simple, yet tasty dish.

Serves 4.


2 Large fennels trimmed & diced (save fronds for garnishing)

80g Unsalted butter

2 tsp. Fennel seeds

45g Plain flour

100ml Dry white wine

450ml Whole milk

250g Dry egg tagliatelle, lightly broken

80g Parma Ham, thinly sliced

40g Parmigiano Reggiano, finely grated


Salt & Pepper


1.) Firstly, melt 35g of butter in a pan, add 4 tbsp of water, the diced fennel, the fennel seeds and salt & pepper, braise with the lid on for approx. 10 mins until tender.

2.) Meanwhile make the white sauce – Melt 45g of butter and add the flour. Mix together to form a roux and cook on a low heat for 3 mins, stirring continuously.

3.) Add the wine and work into the roux, ensuring it stays smooth.
Add the milk in five stages, each time stirring into the roux and ensuring there are no lumps before adding more.

4.) Once all the milk is incorporated, season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Add the fennel and continue cooking over a low heat.

5.) Cook the pasta for half the time recommended on the packet in salted water. Drain, reserving a mug of the pasta water. Add the pasta to the white sauce and fennel mix.

6.) Tear the slices of Parma Ham into a few strips and fold into the mix.
Add pasta water to loosen (I used 160g pasta water. This is needed as the pasta will soak up more liquid and some will evaporate).

7.) Transfer to the baking dish and sprinkle with Parmigiano Reggiano.
Bake at 200˚c for approx. 15 mins until golden brown on top. Garnish with finely chopped fennel fronds if using.

Last but not least, serve with green salad.

Recipe created by Tastehead. Photographs taken by Steve Lee Studios.

“Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham:

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham
Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham

Green Beans Wrapped In Parma Ham:

A light and healthy meal to recover from all the heavy food from Christmas day. These green beans are best served with good crusty bread.

Serves 4 as a starter or 2 for a light lunch.


For The Vinaigrette:

½ tbsp Red wine vinegar

¼ tsp Dijon mustard

50ml Extra virgin olive oil

Salt & Pepper

For The Bean Salad:

250g Fine green beans

4 slices Parma Ham

1 Large banana shallot

10g Fresh flat leaf parsley

Salt & Pepper


1.) Firstly, put all ingredients for the dressing into a jug and whisk together.

2.) Boil the beans in plenty of salted water. Make sure that they are properly cooked and not still ‘squeaky’, which typically requires at least 5 minutes.

3.) Drain, refresh in cold water and drain again thoroughly.

4.) Finely chop the shallot, before destalking and finely chopping the parsley.

5.) Combine the beans, most of the dressing, the shallots and the parsley in a large bowl. Season to taste and coat the beans.

6.) Lay out 4 slices of Parma Ham and split the beans into four, laying across the ham before rolling them up.

7.) Last but not least, place onto a plate and drizzle them with the remaining dressing.

Recipe created by Tastehead. Photographs taken by Steve Lee Studios.

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham:

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham:

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham.

So what do you think about these recipes? Do you fancy trying some? This a guest post Prosciutto di Parma.

About Parma Ham:

Parma Ham is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product and is 100% natural.

The drying process that Parma Ham goes through creates a ham that is very low in fat content, with many mineral salts, vitamins, antioxidants and easily digestible proteins.

This means that Parma Ham is truly a food for everyone.

Prosciutto di Parma is produced in the hills surrounding the Italian town of Parma.

The unique taste of Parma Ham is dependent on the traditional production process passed down from Roman times, carefully controlled by the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma. 

Only hams that have passed stringent curing regulations approved by the EU can be awarded the stamp of the Ducal crown – a five-pointed coronet logo with PARMA in the centre which is branded onto the ham’s skin. The Ducal Crown is now a certification trademark.

In 2018, the production of Prosciutto di Parma saw a considerable growth of 4.8%, with a global production of 8.5 million legs of ham. The United Kingdom market for Prosciutto di Parma generated a €32 million revenue with 17,540,000 pre-sliced packs sold – this is the largest amount of pre-sliced packs of ham sold anywhere in the world.

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham:

Instagram: @parmahamuk  | Twitter: @ParmaHamUK

recipes for Christmas

Parma Ham And Grapes With Fried Dough

Firstly, Ham and Grapes with Fried Dough. Warmer days are coming, and it’s time to get ready for picnics in the park.

To get you in the spirit, try this easy recipe for fried dough squares with Parma Ham and grapes.

It’s the perfect dish to eat while soaking up the summer rays. Parma Ham And Grapes With Fried Dough.

Ravioli With Walnut Pesto And Parma Ham-

Secondly, there is nothing better on a summer evening than enjoying a meal al fresco whilst you soak up the sun.

Try this delicious recipe for homemade ravioli with Parma Ham and a walnut pesto. Ravioli With Walnut Pesto And Parma Ham.

Bruschettas With Mushrooms, Sweet And Sour Apple Sauce And Parma Ham-

Thirdly, today I am sharing these Bruschettas with Mushrooms, Sweet-and-Sour Apple Sauce and Parma Ham from Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma.

Porcini mushroom season has finally arrived and with it hundreds of delicious recipes. Bruschettas With Mushrooms, Sweet And Sour Apple Sauce And Parma Ham.

Filo Pastry Tartlets With Cheese-Flavoured Coarsely Ground Semolina And Parma Ham-

Fourthly, with Christmas around the corner, festive celebrations are happening all around.

This recipe full of flavour and colour will make your life easier during the busiest time of the year.

Topped with sweet and silky slices of Parma Ham, these tartlets are the perfect starter. Filo Pastry Tartlets With Cheese-Flavoured Coarsely Ground Semolina And Parma Ham.

So Why Not Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham:

Have An “Ham-azing” New Year With Parma Ham This Christmas:

Finally, lovelies; I hope you like this post?

If so, why not follow along so you never miss a post? So remember you can also share your thoughts here too in the comments below.

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