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Hearty Kale Soup: Healthy Soup Recipe Ideas

Hearty Kale Soup: Healthy Soup Recipe Ideas. Are you looking for a nice and healthy soup recipe to keep you warm on a cold Winters day?

Fancy making some hearty kale soup? Perfect for serving in a mug on cold Winter days.

This recipe is really quick and easy to make also you can mix and match the ingredients. What’s not to love about this recipes?

Hearty Kale Soup: Healthy Soup Recipe Ideas

How To Make Hearty Kale Soup:

Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 40 minutes

Serves 4

You Will Need:

75g pearl barley

1.4 litre vegetable stock

1 leek, thickly sliced (200g)

1 carrot, diced (150g)

2 sticks celery, sliced (100g)

250g pack Kale

2 tbsp chopped parsley

How To Make:

1.) Cook the barley in the stock gently for 30 minutes in a large covered saucepan or until just tender. Add the vegetables, cover and cook for further 5-8 minutes.

2.) Stir in the parsley and season to taste. Serve and enjoy.

Cooks Tip:

For a quicker cooked soup, replace the barley with basmati rice or macaroni.

Hearty Kale Soup: Healthy Soup Recipe Ideas

Hearty Kale Soup. I Wasn’t Expecting That. Were you? Recipe c/o Discover Kale

What do you think of this recipe? Fancy making some?

Share your comments in the comment box below and don’t forget to let us know if you try it. 

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Let me know if you get to try any of these recipes out.

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