Little Donkey: Wordless Wednesday

Little Donkey: Wordless Or Not So Wordless Wednesday. Hello friends. Happy Wednesday.

Little donkey, little donkey
On the dusty road
Gotta keep on plodding onward
With your precious load

Little Donkey: Wordless Or Not So Wordless Wednesday

Little Donkey:

Wordless Or Not So Wordless Wednesday:

Updated post. First published here 12th August 2012.

I was going through my blog when I stumbled upon this old post. An old post and feeling unloved, so I thought I would re-share it. #OldPostLove

Aww, how adorable are these small donkeys?

It is a long time since we went to the beach and seen the donkeys!! I can not wait to visit again. Hopefully next year!! Of course, I am not planning anything yet!!

I think this photo was taken at Skegness from what I remember. We were at Butlin’s around this time.

Wordless Or Not So Wordless Wednesday.

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Little Donkey: Wordless Or Not So Wordless Wednesday
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  1. Lovely
    10 December 2020 / 02:36

    They are so cute!

    • 12 December 2020 / 14:51

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Patrick+Weseman
    10 December 2020 / 01:27

    That is so very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  3. soosieboo
    16 August 2012 / 11:57

    They look so sad..they had some on the beach in Porthcawl when we were there a couple of weeks ago.

    • 17 August 2012 / 07:28

      They do don't they,bless them…

  4. carolefindsherwings
    13 August 2012 / 18:04

    I just want to go give them all a carrot! Cute 🙂

  5. 13 August 2012 / 09:32

    Sweet donkeys! Wish our Coombe Mill donkeys could do that!

    • 13 August 2012 / 19:28

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  6. Cara Membesarkan
    13 August 2012 / 01:57

    good posting about Little Donkey…

  7. Steph (@imcountingufoz)
    12 August 2012 / 21:05

    sweeeet HEEHAW!

  8. Johnson Babies
    12 August 2012 / 18:19

    Awwww, brings back some wonderful memories of beach holidays!

    • 13 August 2012 / 06:12

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  9. Nicola Thomas
    12 August 2012 / 14:33

    Brilliant, that reminds me of when I was a kid at Weston Super Mare, I always loved the donkeys! Don't often see them anymore

    • 13 August 2012 / 06:11

      I always loved the donkeys when I was little too,can't get mine on them lol

  10. Donna@MummyCentral
    12 August 2012 / 11:23

    My son was a donkey in his primary school nativity play (just reminded me of that!)

  11. Laura - Chez Mummy
    12 August 2012 / 09:00

    I didn't think donkey rides on beaches were done anymore. Hope they got lots of water being in that sun all day

    • 13 August 2012 / 05:23

      I know you don't see many nowdays,I hope so too …

    • 13 August 2012 / 06:08

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  12. The Mini Mes and Me
    12 August 2012 / 09:03

    Aww donkeys are lovely. Always remind me of sad little eeyore lol x

    • 13 August 2012 / 05:29

      So sweet,I wanted to take one home 🙂

  13. BavarianSojourn
    12 August 2012 / 07:45

    Brings back childhood memories of Blackpool beach 🙂

  14. Glenda Gee
    12 August 2012 / 06:47

    Takes me back to my childhood.

  15. Jenny Paulin
    12 August 2012 / 06:26

    Awww donkey's are so sweet and it looks like one has been left out of the conversation!

    • 12 August 2012 / 19:57

      Hehe thanks for the comment 🙂

  16. 12 August 2012 / 07:18

    They look a bit tired – hope they have a nice life.

    • 13 August 2012 / 05:22

      They are so sweet,I hope so too…

  17. Elaine Livingstone
    12 August 2012 / 06:18

    that is something I would not pay for, personally dont think it is right to have them tied up in between rides up and down a burning hot beach. curious – do the owners carry donkey poop bags?

    • 12 August 2012 / 19:53

      Hi Elaine,sorry I'm not sure about the bags…I just seen them on the beach and though how sweet they are,my kids ran a mile as we don't have animals it makes the weary of them 🙂