Rest In Peace Dad, We Love You So Much…

Rest In Peace Dad, We Love You So Much… Hello friends. You might have noticed I have not been around lately!?

In a few days, I celebrate 10 years of blogging and have blogged, most days of the last 10 years, too!! If you do not follow me on social media, here is the reason when I have not posted lately.

10 days ago, I lost my wonderful, funny, caring father. I am now starting to cope but still can not get my head around that is has gone.

Rest In Peace Dad, We Love You So Much...

Rest In Peace Dad, We Love You So Much…

Last week is a blur. This week is a blur. Also, I’m sure next week will be a blur too.

I am a big believer in trying to post happy thing’s, the yummy thing’s on the blog or fun thing’s to make people smile but sometimes life gets too real.

I’m just letting you know this is why I have not been around here for a while. I am now feeling that I can hide my grief and go back to posting happier things, again.

I will still need time though.

My dad wouldn’t want me to just give up blogging and hiding, either.

He loved that I have something I am passionate about and was proud of my little corner of the world where I share all my thoughts here.

He was also proud when he made it on the blog, too!

Was Hoping To Wake Up From The Nightmare…

I was hoping I would wake up all last week and it was just going to be one long nightmare. But it wasn’t.

A week, last Wednesday morning around 3 am I lost my dad. He was in the hospital and chatting to a nurse, then passed peacefully.

I am so glad he wasn’t in pain. I can not believe he has gone.

He has always been here for us all and we are all still in shock.

Rest In Peace Dad, We Love You So Much...

So glad we got to spend Christmas day together as a family.

My dad loved family and Christmas and his wish was for us all to be together.

This Year Was Going To Be Our Year…

This year was going to be our year. We all wanted to get away from last year and looking forward to getting out of lockdown and being able to properly see family again.

We hardly saw my mum and dad last year, I never hugged them or kissed them as we wanted to keep them safe. Then out of nowhere, somehow they caught the deadly disease, COVID-19.

We all have so much to look forward too and then my dad, my children’s grandad who we all loved so much was cruelly taken unexpectedly.

If I Could Turn Back Time…

If I could only go back to the last time we saw him, I would have hugged him so tightly and tell him how much we all loved him.

Can’t believe he has been robbed of watching his grandchildren grow up, get married and have children of their own. Always in my heart. Love you so much.

Rest In Peace Dad, We Love You So Much…

Rest In Peace Dad, We Love You So Much…

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Mine should have been good but I had some bad news that knocked me off my feet if I am honest. Last night, I also had a really bad night sleep.

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Rest In Peace Dad, We Love You So Much...
Claire Justine
Claire Justine

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  1. 10 February 2021 / 11:44

    Claire, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your father. He looks like a wonderful man, full of light and love, in that photo with you. You can tell he was very proud of you. I lost my father on January 22, 1995, when I was just 20 years old and it was the worst loss of my life. I still get sad from time to time even 26 years later and often wonder how he would have been with my children. I know you love to share only happy and positive things on your blog, but this is real life and real life matters, too. Allow yourself the time you need to grieve. There is no right or wrong way to do it and there is certainly no expiration date on grief. Sending you lots of healing energy, my friend.


    • 18 February 2021 / 05:47

      Oh no, Shellbee. I am so sorry to hear this. I can not imagine what you must have been through, losing him at this age 🙁 x

  2. 1 February 2021 / 09:34

    So sorry to hear this. Thinking of you, this disease is just so cruel. #MMBC

  3. Patrick Weseman
    31 January 2021 / 19:15

    So sorry for your loss. Sending you and your family prayers and positive thoughts.

    • 9 February 2021 / 10:36

      Thank you Patrick. It is all such a shock 🙁

  4. Muzo
    30 January 2021 / 22:39

    I m so sorry for your lost .You re looking very sweet at that phtograph. May he rest in peace.

  5. Joanne
    30 January 2021 / 14:42

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. 30 January 2021 / 02:14

    I’m so sorry you lost your Dad. The unwanted distance has made these losses even harder. Peace and healing to you and your family.

    • 30 January 2021 / 12:22

      Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  7. 29 January 2021 / 20:45

    Oh no Claire. I am so sorry about your dad. Sending love and hugs and thinking about you and your family. x

  8. Heather
    29 January 2021 / 19:25

    I’m so sorry Claire. I don’t think I read your Instagram post about it. It is so hard to lose a parent. I lost my dad 15 years ago and it still hurts. Right now it’s just so raw and I know what you mean about hoping to wake up from the nightmare. Sending you big hugs!❤️

    • 30 January 2021 / 12:22

      Thank you Heather, never ever expected this to happen. So much in shock 🙁 xx

  9. 29 January 2021 / 17:50

    So sorry for your loss Claire. Your dad knew he was so well loved and was very proud of you.

    • 30 January 2021 / 12:21

      Thanks Gail, yes I know you are right xx

  10. Alene
    29 January 2021 / 16:55

    I am so very sorry about your father. Mine died at 73, and it was way too early. Fathers can be so precious to us . And from covid! Even harder. May he rest in peace.

    • 30 January 2021 / 12:20

      Thank you, Alene. Mine was 72 and like yous, way too young 🙁 Sorry to hear you have lost your dad too x

      • Alene
        30 January 2021 / 17:29

        I still cry when I think about it. But, after a long while, I can sometimes smile about my sweet memories of him. I hope you will get there too.

        • 9 February 2021 / 10:35

          Thank you Alene. So hard at the minute 🙁