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Tower Bridge Lifting : Wednesday Blog Hop…

After years of visiting London, we finally got to see the bridge go up, as a boat cames through.

 Tower Bridge: London…

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32 responses to “Tower Bridge Lifting : Wednesday Blog Hop…”

  1. stevebethere says:

    Nice captures Claire and well done for catching it going up 🙂

  2. Create With Joy says:

    Awesome shots!

  3. Tamar SB says:

    I just love the Tower Bridge so majestic!

  4. Teresa Kindred says:

    Lovely! Never been there but hope to go!

  5. Ai Sakura says:

    Oh that's pretty cool!

  6. Cascia Talbert says:

    Cool shots! Thanks for linking up at the Talbert Zoo. Have a terrific week.

  7. Mary says:

    Great shots! I noticed how fast the lighting changed in the pictures. Very nice Claire!

  8. Christina Morley says:

    Love your photos! Brings back memories. We stayed at the Tower Bridge Hotel with a view of the beautiful bridge over ten years ago.

  9. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says:

    You don't get to see that very often!Here's my Wordless Wednesday!

  10. Gattina says:

    I managed to see that once too !

  11. Kezzie says:

    Is there any other bridge like that anywhere!?! I love it!x

  12. Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas says:

    Great photo!Thanks so much for stopping by!Hugs,Debbie

  13. Patrick weseman says:

    Very super cool photos of a great bridge. Very nice.

  14. Indah Susanti says:

    Hi, thank you so much for hosting this blog hop. I hope I do it right 🙂 The Tower Bridge of London looks awesome 🙂

  15. retriever says:

    Love much this place, nice fotos montage, greeting from Belgium Blog my city Mons in Belgium: http://louisette.eklablog.com/

  16. pixiedusk says:

    Aww a place I always wanted to see!

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