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Travelling From Nottingham To St Pancras International

Travelling From Nottingham To St Pancras International

Travelling From Nottingham To St Pancras International. Hello friends. Happy Bank Holiday Monday. Have you done anything fun today? I’ve been having a lazy day today after spending 27 hours in London walking around 27 miles as well!!

We have just nipped out for a KFC though as today is the last day of Eat Out To Help Out! So we thought we would make the most of a bit of junk food before we start eating healthier again tomorrow!!

Travelling From Nottingham To St Pancras International

Travelling From Nottingham To St Pancras International:

So over the weekend we bit the bullet and started travelling by train again. First, stop St Pancras International train station in London. We did have a reason for going to London. It was our 24th Wedding Anniversary yesterday.

We decided last minute we would go away as we have not been anywhere all year.

Our eldest son was home to have the youngest kids and the dog so we had nothing stopping us from hopping on the train and going somewhere special for our anniversary.

We have not been out on the train since before lock-down so we were really ready for a trip somewhere different.

I wanted to take my husband to Brighton as I went their earlier this year for my 40 Years Cousins Reunion but we soon changed our minds when a lot of the hotels we looked at were full and we didn’t want to go anywhere that would be too busy.

Then I said Blackpool. Another place I love but we remembered how busy the train from Manchester used to be so we pick London this time.

Another reason we chose London was the hotels are such a good price at the minute and usually, we can not afford to stay in London itself so we bagged a bargain!!

Champagne bar

St Pacras Champagne Bar:

If only it was not breakfast time!! Not very often we getaway on our own, first time to London without the kids and it’s too early. Oh well, one day I will make it here!!

Selfie in London
Travelling From Nottingham To St Pancras International
Travelling From Nottingham To St Pancras International
Travelling From Nottingham To St Pancras International

Travelling From Nottingham To St Pancras International:

A few photos in St Pancras then off we went for breakfast! The train down and back was not to busy but we were in First Class so I didn’t get to see how busy it was on the standard side.

You do have to wear a mask through your journey but are allowed to take it off to eat or drink.

I love both train stations. The train station at Nottingham because I have been there 100’s of time and the one in London because it is amazing to see.

What I Wore: Mask M&S : Jacket: Next (Part of my polka dot suit) Top: Primark via Car boot sale 50p!

Travelling From Nottingham To St Pancras International

The train we went on was EMR ( East Midlands Railway) which was formerly East Midlands Trains.

I love travelling from Nottingham to St Pancras International and the journey is just under 2 hours each way. Not bad to say it takes me 30 minutes to walk to work each day!!

Have you been travelling yet? Have you been on a train or have you been to London lately? It is amazing walking around London first thing on a Sunday morning too. Nice and peaceful. Lots runner which made me want to run!! Check out my Instagram video here: Wake Up It’s A Beautiful Morning.

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12 responses to “Travelling From Nottingham To St Pancras International”

  1. I never thought it would become a normal everyday thing to see people in masks. I miss the old days!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/08/oriental-lily.html

  2. Heather says:

    We’ve just taken our daughter to school in Boston but we drove. We haven’t done public transportation yet! The champagne bar sounds fun!

  3. I look forward to the time when we can again travel freely! In the meantime, I’m in the “red” zone …

  4. I haven’t been to central London since March (I live in Essex)! My workplace is in King’s Cross, so I used to pass St Pancras several times a week before lockdown. It feels surreal to read about it on your blog like I’m a tourist – it’s feels like ages since I’ve been! Congrats on your wedding anniversary, hope you had a great time x

  5. What a fun traveling experience, Claire! I would love to travel somewhere far away by train one day! Thanks for sharing and linking up!


  6. It’s great to hear that some people are getting out and traveling a bit. I think that most people are like you and being very cautious and safe while doing it. Loved your pics!

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