9 Pictures From My Phone Camera Roll #LinkUp

9 Pictures From My Phone Camera Roll #LinkUp

First up I would like to say a big thank you for all supporting my decisions with the blog hops/linky parties.

I am so glad you are all happy they are home and so pleased how many of you linked up on Wednesday; Coming Home (Linky Parties Are Coming Back Here).

You are all amazing!! I think all the tiredness, went to my head. With the Pipdig drama and losing my blog for a while, I did not want to end up without a blog so I opened up my options, and tried to run all 3 blog hops on different blogs. (which were wrong to be moved as they made things even harder).

But you all came back and I am sending happy hugs around the blog hop today 🙂 Thank you. I will catch up with you all this weekend, now I am all sorted.

9 Pictures From My Phone Camera Roll #LinkUp

Today I thought I would write a fun post and share the last 9 pictures on my phone camera roll. Not every photo is picture perfect but we keep hold of them as they share fun moments in our lives.

Here goes:

9 Pictures From My Phone Camera Roll #LinkUp

1.) Bank Holiday Monday Not So Rush:

On Bank Holiday Monday both me and my Husband had to work. As you can see from the photo he sent me; he got the whole carriage on the train to himself!

9 Pictures From My Phone Camera Roll #LinkUp

2.) Iced Coffee’s All-around:

Not Only Did I have to work on Sunday, my Birthday ( as I forgot to put a holiday in) I had to work Bank holiday so I treated myself to 2 ice coffee’s as I love this stuff!

9 Pictures From My Phone Camera Roll #LinkUp

3.) Birthday Fun From My Daughter:

My Daughter took the time to find lots of photos and make me this beautiful photo for my Birthday <3.

9 Pictures From My Phone Camera Roll #LinkUp

4.) A Drawing Of Me:

My Daughter spent hours trying to draw me as another Birthday gift. She could not get the face right so she left it but I think she got my shape and dress style, spot on.

9 Pictures From My Phone Camera Roll #LinkUp

5.) A Birthday Fancy Dress:

My Son got invited to an 80’s themed fancy dress party. This photo makes me smile and laugh out loud because if this was my idea for him to wear this, he would never had, but as his friend asked him, he did.

9 Pictures From My Phone Camera Roll #LinkUp

6.) My Kitchen Makeover Before It got Finished:

When the man who was tiling the kitchen nipped out I took a quick picture to show my Husband. I text him, but he did not want to spoil the surprise for when he got home from work.

9 Pictures From My Phone Camera Roll #LinkUp

7.) Dogs At Polling Stations:

Rushing around last Thursday night after work to get our vote in.

8.) Out For Breakfast:

My Husband took the boys out for a nice big cooked breakfast whilst the workmen were in as we did not have an oven for a few days.

9.) Mollie Chilling:

Mollie gets so excited when people come to the house, she just wants to knock them to the floor and lick them to death. So we popped her into the bedroom when the workmen were here and my Husband found some relaxing dog music on You-tube. It did the trick, she was so chilled, she did not even look at me when I went in the bedroom.

What are the last 9 pictures on you photo roll on your phone?

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9 Pictures From My Phone Camera Roll #LinkUp

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  1. Debbie-Dabble
    11 May 2019 / 19:18

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. 11 May 2019 / 07:43

    Happy Mothersday Claire!

    • 11 May 2019 / 22:18

      Happy Mother’s Day Nancy 🙂

  3. Mother of 3
    10 May 2019 / 22:24

    That costume is a riot! I can not to see the kitchen all finished.

  4. Maureen
    10 May 2019 / 20:41

    These are nice 9 photos. They all tell a different story and I love that. Your daughter is very sweet to make you a photo collage. It’s also great that you guys have an amazing relationship. I hope to maintain that with my son. How cute and fun is your son’s costume?! Oh, and I cannot leave without saying I love iced coffee too! Yay for Team Coffee! Hehe I was just at my son’s preschool to attend Mother’s Day tea so the last 9 photos are of my son and I enjoying a little tea party. Happy Friday and wishing you and your family a fabulous weekend!


    • 11 May 2019 / 22:17

      Hi Maureen. Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment. Ice coffee is amazing, isn’t it 🙂

  5. Cheryl Shops
    10 May 2019 / 18:53

    Such a fun look inside your daily life. Happy Friday to you!
    Cheryl Shops

    • 11 May 2019 / 22:16

      Thanks Cheryl. Hope your having a lovely weekend 🙂

  6. 10 May 2019 / 13:22

    These are all great pics! I’m excited to see more of your kitchen. Your daughter did great drawing you! Love that 80’s outfit on your son!!

    • 11 May 2019 / 22:16

      Thanks Heather. I am all set to paint next week and hopefully it will be finished soon 🙂

  7. 10 May 2019 / 06:59

    How lovely of your daughter to take the time on those pics Claire. She’s quite talented. I hope you get to celebrate your birthday more this weekend xx

    • 11 May 2019 / 22:15

      Thanks Laurie. She love creating things 🙂