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Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge

Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge.

Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge

If you have read my blog before you may know how much I love the Six Items Or Less Clothing Challenge? Such a fun fashion experiment on how often we wear our clothes and how long do they really last?

Have you heard of this challenge before, or have you joined in the Six Items Or Less Challenge before?

If you have never heard of this before I will tell you a bit about the challenge:

The Challenge:

We picked 6 items of clothes and only wore them, every day for 30 days.

Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge

You can only wear only these items. Even if the weather is cold, windy, raining or the sun is out.Here is what I have been wearing. Mix and matching to the MAX!!

Day 1-12 of the Six Items Or Less Challenge:

Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge

My Favourite outfits of the last 12 days:

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something, err red!!

Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge
Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge
Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge
Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge

Worst Outfits:

Most comfortable Outfits:

Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge

Day 12:

I’m still enjoying the challenge but missing my jeans.

 Then again the suns out so make full use of my red polka dot dress.

I still have a few  ideas for the next 18 day too.

Got to buy and put a new zip in my black dress..

 As with all the wear it’s broken!

Any idea’s how to make my 6 look different? 

I would like them to look different every day.

Or is this an impossible challenge!?

Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge.

 What do you think of my outfits so far. I think I have done great making so many looks up out of six items!! Don’t you?

Could you only manage on six items to wear in one month?

What six pieces would you choose?

Jeans, dresses, jumpers shorts?

I would love to hear your thoughts!! Please let me know what you think of this challenge. Am I mad signing up to it!?

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4 comments so far.

4 responses to “Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge”

  1. Jeanine @DressingMyTruth says:

    I'm not sure about new ways to wear your six, but I think you've been doing great, so far! I don't think I realized until today that you don't have any pants as part of your six. I plan to do an all-dress-and-skirt challenge, too, this summer.

  2. Thanks Jeanine :)No trousers,i'm quite enjoying my dresses,was missing my jeans when it was cold but nice now the sunshines out,when you doing the dress and skirt challenge? for you next siol or another challenge?

  3. Holley @ Lunges and Lashes says:

    this is way fun! i love that you got so creative with your clothes!

  4. Thanks Holley,it is fun for the fisrt few weeks,but then it gets a bit hard work lol 🙂

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