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New Training: Week 1: Fit To Fitter

New Training: Week 1: Fit To Fitter.

I think Motivation Monday, I could do with some of that!!

It has been a horrible 3 weeks.Not much training being done around here 🙁

Training, what training!? Running, what was that again, remind me?

Starting out with a pain in the tooth. Then toothache.

THEN leading to an abscessed tooth. Swollen face, 2 lots of antibiotics, tooth out.

New Training: Week 1: Fit To Fitter

So not much training is done at all. I am just too weak to do anything. I hate being poorly and I hate having my teeth out. Ouch.

So now after a nightmare few weeks, I am very excited about getting back into my fitness routine.

Also my first race of the year is in 2 weeks time!! I need to get out running again and get my fitness back.

New Training: Week 1: Fit To Fitter:

Wednesday 13th April eek.

This week’s planned training.


6 mile slow paced run.

Quick spinning class.

 1-mile swim.

1-hour gym work.


1-mile swim.

Sit ups/plank.

7-mile reps at running club.


Pilate’s class.

6 miles run.


6 miles run.


 Day off from running.

1-hour gym.

1-mile swim.


7 miles run.


10 miles run.

Let’s hope it’s going to be a good week ahead and I get plenty of exercises done this week. I need to feel fit and healthy again. I need to start setting some new goals now and having new things to train up for. Just got to get the next race out the way first!!

What are your plans for the week?

Do you like to run?

What is your favourite exercise?

Not too much running over the last few weeks but I hope I motivated you to go out for a run or a jog if you do not usually run?

Let me know if I have 🙂

New Training: Week 1: Fit To Fitter

New Training: Week 1: Fit To Fitter

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