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I did It!! London Marathon 2013: What An Amazing…

I did It!! London Marathon 2013: What An Amazing Experience. Hello friends. Happy Sunday.

Today I cried ( a lot!!)

I did It!! London Marathon 2013: What An Amazing Experience.

I did It!! London Marathon 2013: What An Amazing Experience:

Today I cried!! When I left my husband at the train station to go to the start of the London Marathon.

 Also I cried when I was all alone at the start of the London Marathon.

 When I realised I was doing my first marathon.

 I started to cry when the marathon started.

I also did a big cried when children in the street wanted to high five me for running.

 I might have done a little cried when I got to 13 miles and my knees went.

 Then I cried when I realised I had to do another 13 miles with knee pain.

 So I cried when I had 2 miles to go.

Again I cried when I had 1 mile to go.

 I cried when I did it in 5 hours 12 mins approx.

 Also I cried when I met my family at the end.

 I have had a great day honest!! 

What it feels like when you run London Marathon, ha!!

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I did It!! London Marathon 2013: What An Amazing Experience:

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72 thoughts on “I did It!! London Marathon 2013: What An Amazing…

  1. Congratulations on your achievement Claire! I am so happy for you! Running a marathon is huge, like really, really big. And you did it. On your own, but with many, many people cheering you on; people at the sidelines, and people who couldn't actually be there, but cheered you on in our hearts!Sue xo

  2. Claire ~ Congrats on your first marathon….cross that one off your bucket list!! Thanks, too, for hosting & have a great week!

  3. Congratulations on achieving such an epic personal moment!Despite tears, knees pain, a sense of loneliness and a 5 hours and 12 minutes of physical strength!Muy bien hecho, Claire!!!!!

  4. Aww Claire. I've been thinking about you since you are a runner & we had such a terrible tragedy at the Boston marathon. I'm so glad you did it…your post almost made me cry. When you give yourself a tough challenge there's nothing more vindicating than meeting it! You should be proud, sounds like a good cry.

  5. Congratulations on this amazing achievement Claire! I've actually grabbed the link code this week. Not sure if I will link up every week but will see how it goes.

  6. Congratulations again Claire! I can understand all the emotion you felt. Such a wonderful achievement. You ought to be proud! Beautiful picture of a very special day. I am happy to be co-hosting again. Have a great Monday.

  7. Congratulations Claire! What a beautiful and moving post! wow..I'm speechless…and that dear, doesn't happens too often!

  8. Hi Claire,What a great achievement from your part! Congratulations..I wish I could do that! You are very brave! And once again; thank you so a great party.Ellya

  9. Well done! I am in awe of you! What a lovely photo 🙂 Fantastic that your children were there to meet you at the end. I bet there were plenty of others that cried too.

  10. Hi my dear-many congratulations to you-all the hard work paid off and I hope those legs start to feel better! I've just joined your blog hop too, have a great week xxx

  11. I nearly cried too, reading this. Congratulations on running the marathon, that is an amazing achievement! xx

  12. The first marathon will always hold a special place in the heart. HUGE congratulations! That is so exciting 🙂

  13. Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS – that is such an amazing achievement, Not surprised you cried!

  14. I have huge amounts of admiration for you. I have no idea how it must have felt to run for hours, to run in pain, with the backdrop of the Boston marathon. Must have been hugely emotional.Well done you.

  15. WOW Congratulations – what an amazing achievement! I've done a few half marathons but not a full yet….one day!! Well done you!!Thanks for hosting, hope you have a lovely week recovering!

  16. Claire you are absolutely awesome to have done the Marathon! VERY well done!!! I remember how much I cried when I cycled the London to Brighton race- it seemed every 10 minutes to me at the time!x

  17. WELL DONE in big shouty capitals!!! That's amazing you must be really proud of your achievement 🙂

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