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Vintages Style Diy Jars Covers…

Vintages Style Diy Jars Covers…

Having lots and lots of glass storage jars in the kitchen I wanted to jazz then up a little and make the kitchen a bit more shabby chic style. I love this material I picked up last May with my birthday money but as the material cost me £25.00 I never dare to cut it up, just in case it turned out wrong.

Months and month later…

And a brand new pair of pinking shears, I decided to put some of the ideas floating around in my head in to practice!

What you need~

What to do ~

  1. Place the paper and mould it over the jar, makes a little mark roughly where you want the covers to finish.
  2. Cut a square roughly around where you would like the cover size to be.
  3. Fold the square in half, then half again, then half again, so looks like an ice cream cone.
  4. Cut a round the top (like picture 2 above but paper first) or like the top of a heart shape for more flowery tops, and it should be circle or flowery when opened. Best to practice a few times and pick with paper then to pick your favourite pattern.
  5. See if it fits right or you need to make a larger one or trim this one down.
  6. Practice a few styles and experiment with shapes on the paper, I made some like flowers and some like love hearts by cutting the tops different ways.
  7. Place the pattern on the material and cut with pinking shears, this will create a nice zig zag edge that won’t need sewing.
  8. Place on top of the jar.
  9. Get a tag and knot and elastic band around the tag.
  10. Place the band around the top of the jar to hold the material on and makes it look like a hat.

See I have lots and lots of jars…I made all shapes and size tops for all different size jars…

And fancy jars in the kitchen now 🙂

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23 responses to “Vintages Style Diy Jars Covers…”

  1. Anne says:

    They look lovely and are great for homemade gifts also:)~Anne

  2. amy mayen says:

    Very cute! So glad to finally see what you were up to!!

  3. Sacramento Amate says:

    Brilliant,and it looks so good.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx

  4. Winnie says:

    These are very beautiful and very romantic!I just love romantic things 🙂

  5. Kezzie says:

    Very cute and a good idea! They make your kitchen look really special!x

  6. Vicki Psarias says:

    So pretty! (Honest Mum)

  7. Nekky says:

    I used to buy already made ones, but I can now Do-It-Myself. Thanks Claire.

  8. Margarett Murphy says:

    They look great ..what a good way to smarten the kitchen up …

  9. blogmumjd says:

    They look great. Hopping by via #Weekendbloghop

  10. Ana Lopes says:

    So adorable! Thanks for sharing tutorial!Have a wonderful week!Hugs from Portugal,Ana Love Craftwww.lovecraft2012.blogspot.com

  11. Mascha says:

    Oh, it's a nice idea, thank you for sharing 🙂

  12. Alice Emma Thompson says:

    Oh I so need new pinking shears – I have my mum's old ones from about 1973 and they just chew the fabric up – Alice @ Mums Make Lists

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