Is Mickey Mouse In Fashion For A Woman

Is Mickey Mouse In Fashion For A Woman Of A Certain Age? Or not?

Happy Monday, friends, So how are you today? What do you think? Yeah or nooooo?

Is it time to stop wearing Micky Mouse t-shirts before my big 50 birthday next year? Or keep wearing what I like?

Ha, I think I should carry on wearing them, but my teenage daughter does not like me wearing anything with Micky Mouse on now. Or ever really has.

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Is Mickey Mouse In Fashion For A Woman Of A Certain Age?

Is Mickey Mouse In Fashion For A Woman Of A Certain Age?

My daughter rolls her eyes whenever I wear something with Mickey Mouse on it. So is it time to stop wearing them?

But then again I don’t also think she has ever liked him, not even as a child. So that might be why!?

She is OK with me wearing a Looney Tunes hoodie though.

Exploring the idea of fashion and nostalgia, the question arises: Is Mickey Mouse still relevant for a woman of a certain age?

Delving deeper into this inquiry reveals a fascinating discussion about the enduring appeal of iconic characters in contemporary style and how they can be reinterpreted to suit different stages of life.

Is Mickey Mouse In Fashion For A Woman Of A Certain Age?

Is Mickey Mouse In Fashion For A Woman Of A Certain Age?

This is a new one I was saving for best and wore it on my holiday to Mallorca (Majorca) a few weeks ago.

I teamed it up with black cycle shorts and red sandals for a walk to the beach.


I am definitely not wearing this today.

The Parker coat, woolly trousers and polo neck jumper has come out of storage!!

I have just walked Murphy the Goldendoodle to the park and back and it has turned really cold and dark.

Is Mickey Mouse In Fashion

Autumn has settled in nicely, I see.

What a difference a few weeks can be, I have not even shared my holiday photos yet!

I remember melting in this outfit as I was so warm!

Is Mickey Mouse In Fashion

Is Mickey Mouse In Fashion For A Woman Of A Certain Age?

It’s not just youngsters who like Mickey Mouse, is it?

There are numerous products with this recognisable mouse on them that are ideal for the adult Mickey Mouse fan. Now should I get the dressing gown with him on, haha!

Primark do some great collaboration’s with Disney and I do own a few t-shirts, sweatshirts and even an handbag with him on! Never got around to having any Irregular Choice shoes with him on yet though.

What I Wore In Mallorca:

What I Wore In Mallorca:

Mickey Mouse T-shirt Women’s Primark | Shorts: Sports Direct | Sandals: Primark Summer Sale

Is Mickey Mouse for adults?

So what do you think? You can tell me honestly. I won’t hide under a rock and cry, ha!

Not sure if I am ready to give them up yet but them again I still own ripped jeans. Well say own, I’ve not worn them in years as they are too small.

The trouble is, you never want to be told not to wear something, do you? If I am told to stop wearing something, I would most probable wear it more! Only my kids would I let tell me what to do LOL.

Is Mickey Mouse In Fashion

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Feeling a lot better today after drinking lots of water last night.

Outfit Of The Day:

Mickey And Pluto T-Shirt: Primark | Sunglasses: Primark. Ocean Waves And Happy Days.

Firstly, What I Wore: In The Park On A Beautiful Day In London. 

Hello, buddies. How are you doing on this lovely Spring day?

Speaking of lovely Spring days, I also have some photos I’d like to show you. from a beautiful day in London. I also layered this t-shirt to wear it in another way. Micky Mouse T-Shirt.

Secondly, What I Wore: Minnie Mouse T-shirt And Cropped Jeans.

The only drawback to having knee-hole jeans is that I frequently rush to get dressed and end up putting my foot through them. Minnie Mouse T-shirt And Cropped Jeans.

Never To Old For A Mickey Mouse T-shirt!! Are You?

Thirdly, Never To Old For A Mickey Mouse T-shirt!! Are You?

Mickey Mouse t-shirts, you are never too old to wear them! Are You?

I hope am not to never be too old for them! What I Wore: Micky Mouse T-Shirt: Primark Disney Collection.

‘All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them’ Walt Disney.

‘It’s kind of fun to do the impossible’. Walt Disney. Never To Old For A Mickey Mouse T-shirt!! Are You?

Fourthly, Red Converse Boots And Polka Dot Maxi. 

We only made the decision on the way home to go out, at the last minute as it was so nice out.

So with no time to think, I grabbed my go-to polka dot dress and quickly grabbed my red Converse.

Hopping downstairs with one shoe on, my daughter popped her head around her bedroom door and said ‘mum I don’t want this bag anymore, do you want it?’ 

Great timing I thought, as it went perfectly with what I was wearing. I also love Mickey And Minnie Mouse! Red Converse Boots And Polka Dot Maxi.

Last But Not Least, Blogging Over A Decade & Another Lockdown Birthday.

Wow, which one shall I start with first!?

Another Lockdown Birthday! You can see last year’s birthday here: Having My Birthday Celebrations In Lockdown. Also, this was my daughter’s lockdown birthday last year, Elsa From Frozen Fancy Dress:

Over 40 Party Ideas. 

We are hoping to go out this year as she turns 16 years old soon! New Minnie Mouse T-shirt: Another Lockdown Birthday.

So, just for fun can a 49 year-old wear a Micky Mouse t-shirt? What do you think? Thanks so much for stopping by. So what do you think about this outfit? Would you wear a Mickey Mouse t-shirt?

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  1. Joanne
    20 October 2022 / 21:38

    I think you look fabulous! I see lots of adults rocking the Mickey Mouse attire and they make me smile. I am a huge Mickey fan myself.

    • 29 October 2022 / 14:09

      Thanks Joanne. I am like a magpie when it comes to finding Mickey Mouse clothes.

  2. 20 October 2022 / 12:18

    I personally don’t have anything with cartoon characters on it but I also don’t have anything with music bands on it either. But if you like them, then rock them! This is a fun take on the friends since.. and is very cute.