Tomorrows Athletes? Getting Kids Into Running

Tomorrows Athletes? Getting Kids Into Running.

We all love to run. Me my husband and two oldest children run so far. It is something we are now getting our youngest children into. 

Tomorrows Athletes? Getting Our Kids Into Running

Tomorrows Athletes? Getting Kids Into Running.

I was never into running when I was younger, I would walk the cross countries and moan if I had to run for a bus but after having 4 children I find it the best way to keep fit.

My husband on the other hand always ran as a child. Even from an early age, he ran. Also, he was a really good runner so I think the children get their running skills from him.

The great thing about running is we can all get fit as a family and it does not cost much money too. Just something suitable to run in and some good fitting trainers and your good to go.

It is one of the best things we have learnt the older children as they love to exercise now as they know how important it is to eat well and exercise.

Tomorrows Athletes? Getting Kids Into Running

We are lucky to live near a running track. When we visit the park we also like to have a run around the track! A family fun race is good for learning the children competitions a big school.

Some schools do not like to encourage the children to win nowadays, my eldest twos sons old school didn’t but I think it is good to get them into trying to be better, no harm in that?

Tomorrows Athletes? Getting Kids Into Running

The children love to have a bit of friendly competition against each other. My youngest son will even give his younger sister a lead if he wins her too.

How nice of him!! 

Tomorrows Athletes?

Getting Kids Into Running.

My youngest son likes to write his times down so he can see if he is improving. 

Tomorrows Athletes? 5 Tips For Getting Kids Into Running:

Make It An Event On A Set Day:

1.) Make running a fun event or even a family event that you can all do together. Go to a local running track or mark out a little course out at a park and take them regularly to encourage them to improve.

Let The Time Themselves Or Time Them:

2.) Time them. Every so often to see if they improve. (Not all the time though as this could also discourage them).

Write Down There Times:

3.) Keep a little diary to write down their times, say once a month.

Reward Them:

4.) Treat them to something they like if they beat their time.

Try A Running Club:

5.) Look for a local running club to take them and try it out for a week or two to see if they like running with other children.

Tomorrows Athletes? Getting Kids Into Running

Tomorrow’s athletes?

Do you like to run?

Does you family like to run?

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