Welsh Lamb And Pumpkin Pie Recipe: Autumn

Welsh Lamb And Pumpkin Pie Recipe: Autumn Staple

Welsh Lamb And Pumpkin Pie Recipe: Autumn Staple. Hello friends, so how are you today?

We love making pies in colder weather and today I have a tasty Welsh Lamb and Pumpkin Pie recipe to share with you.

Pies are such great Autumn/Winter comfort foods and this pie recipe is made with ready-made puff pastry so it is quicker than making it all from scratch.

What’s not to love?

Welsh Lamb And Pumpkin Pie Recipe: Autumn Staple.

Welsh Lamb And Pumpkin Pie Recipe: Autumn Staple.

How To Make Welsh Lamb and Pumpkin Pie:


450g (1lb) cubed Welsh lamb shoulder

1 onion, roughly chopped

5ml (1tsp) ground cumin

½ small pumpkin or butternut squash, peeled and cubed (about 450g/1lb prepared weight)

300ml (½pt) lamb stock

25g (1oz) sultanas

25g (1oz) pine nuts


2 sprigs fresh rosemary

500g premade all butter puff pastry

1 egg and splash milk mixed together for glazing

How To Make:

1.) Firstly, heat oil in a large pan, add onion and brown slightly. Add the cubed lamb and brown well. Add the cumin and stir well. Then add the pumpkin or squash, stock, sultanas, pine nuts and season well. Add one sprig of rosemary, put lid on pan and allow to gently simmer for about 30 minutes.

2.) Remove from heat and ladle into a ‘family’ sized pie dish or four individual pie dishes. Reserve a little juice if quite a lot and save this for additional gravy.

3.) Remove the packaging from the pastry and press into it (with your clean fingers!) small pieces from a sprig of rosemary.

4.) Take a rolling pin and roll out the pastry to fit the pie dish (pressing in the rosemary if it falls out). Place pastry into dish, brush with egg and milk glaze, and place in preheated oven at Gas 6, 200ºC, 400ºF oven for about 25 minutes until the pastry is risen and golden brown.

5.) Serve with a heap of seasonal green vegetables.

Last but not least, enjoy.

Welsh Lamb And Pumpkin Pie Recipe: Autumn Staple

Welsh Lamb And Pumpkin Pie Recipe: Autumn Staple

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Welsh Lamb And Pumpkin Pie Recipe: Autumn Staple

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