New South African Apple And Pear Recipes For 2018

Recipe and images courtesy of South African Fruit.

Happy Friday.

Today I am sharing all of the new South African apple and pear recipes for 2018 with you. It’s the start of the South African apple and pear season.

South Africa is known for the eating quality of its fruit, thanks to the near-perfect growing conditions in the country’s Western Cape.

Particular varieties you’ll find in UK supermarkets from March until October are:


Granny Smith – Tart yet sweet taste with a firm, white and crisp flesh

Gala – Sweet flavour, yellow skin with red stripes and a firm crisp flesh

Golden Delicious – Golden yellow skin, with a delicate pink blush

Pink Lady (Cripps’ Pink) – Attractive pink colour and exquisite taste, slightly oblong in shape


Forelle – Oblong or bell-shaped with a distinctive pink blush, it has a sweet and juicy flavour
Williams – Yellow skin when ripe, with a fragrant, sweet and juicy taste

Packhams – Often unevenly shaped, green-yellow when ripe with a soft textured flesh Fruit farming has played a vital role in the development of South Africa in the last 20 years.

Here Are The New Recipes:

Cape Malay Chicken Curry:

This Indian-influenced curry is a fragrant combination of chicken, onions, garlic, South African apple and sweet potato with turmeric, chillies, cumin and cardamom.

It’s a spicy, warming treat!

Cape Malay Chicken Curry.

Cape Town Melktert with Sea-salted Caramel Apples & Pears:

Cape Town Melktert with Sea-salted Caramel Apples & Pears anyone?

This delicious dessert is a smooth and creamy version of custard tart, topped with caramelised sea-salted South African apples and pears.

Cape Town Melktert with Sea-salted Caramel Apples & Pears.

Eastern Cape Spiced Sweet Potato & Apple Fritters:

These South African apple fritters are utterly sensational! They’re served with a salted peanut butter sauce for added scrumminess.

Eastern Cape Spiced Sweet Potato & Apple Fritters.

Free State Chocolate Pear Pudding:

Free State Chocolate Pear Pudding anyone? Yummy.

This fabulous bread and butter pudding is made with brioche or Italian Panettone with dark chocolate chips and South African pears for a delicious twist.


Free State Chocolate Pear Pudding.

Garden Route Jam Jar Adventure:

Garden Route Jam Jar Adventure anyone?

These layered salads are made in Kilner jars or screw-topped jam jars, with dinky little side jars of extra dressing.

Garden Route Jam Jar Adventure.

 South African Pink Lady Cornmeal Cake:

South African Pink Lady Cornmeal Cake anyone?

You must try a slice of this yummy gluten-free polenta cake made with South African apples and ground almonds – it’s moist, moreish and marvellous!

South African Pink Lady Cornmeal Cake.

This campaign is run by HORTGRO, the industry association representing South African fruit growers.

Recipe and images courtesy of South African Fruit.

Fancy trying any of these recipes?



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Recipe and images courtesy of South African Fruit.


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    These look so tasty. I will check them out now.

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