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4 Ways To Pimp Up Your Pimms: Delicious Recipes

4 Delicious Recipes

4 Ways To Pimp Up Your Pimms: Delicious Recipes. Hello friends, happy Monday.

So what a beautiful day it has been today?

Also as a result of the sun being out, I have been enjoying getting out all day. A run here a walk there. Beautiful weather we are having at the minute.

Party drinks

4 Ways To Pimp Up Your Pimms: Delicious Recipes:

The sun has been shining and the sky is blue. So what more can we ask for?

I got home from work yesterday and it is so lovely It had me making up a yummy Pimms drink.

Or maybe two and also a sit down in the garden because Pimms is made for Summer-time drinks in the garden, isn’t it?

Ha, at least this is when I drink it the most because it is a drink that always reminds me of Summer for some reason!!

4 Ways To Pimp Up Your Pimms:

So do you fancy looking for some new ways to pimp up your Pimms?

Pimms is not just for drinking though!! But also you can also add it into your baking, ice lollies and jellies.

How cool? So very moreish, I must add!!

Today I am also sharing 4 fun recipes from the blog if you fancy trying any? ( Updated post. First published here 10th September 2019).

4 Ways To Pimp Up Your Pimms Tasty Tuesday
Recipe and recipe photography courtesy of Dr. Oetker. 

1.) Pimms Cake:

Firstly, love a bit of cake? I know I do!! Do you fancy trying out these Pimms Cakes?

How sweet? Little square cakes topped with a Pimm’s creamy topping. Great for any kind of party and perfect for afternoon tea. Pimms Cake For The Queen’s Birthday Party?

If they are good enough for the Queen, they are most importantly good enough for me 🙂

Pimms and strawberry’s, but my oh my you might need more than one 🙂

4 Ways To Pimp Up Your Pimms Tasty Tuesday
Recipe courtesy of BerryWorld.

2.) Create Your Very Own BerryWorld Pimm’s Jellies:

Secondly, so how much fun are these jellies? Do you fancy creating some BerryWorld Pimm’s Jellies for your afternoon tea parties and Summer BBQ’S?

Great light but summery pudding. These Pimm’s jellies are delicious, the berries give the jellies a fruity twist. Create Your Very Own BerryWorld Pimm’s Jellies.

Pimms and raspberries!

4 Ways To Pimp Up Your Pimms Tasty Tuesday
Recipe courtesy of BerryWorld.

3.) Make And Enjoy Some BerryWorld Pimm’s Lollies This Summer:

Thirdly, these BerryWorld Pimm’s Lollies are so much fun!? These BerryWorld Pimm’s Lollies are a perfect end to an alfresco summer feast.

Mix up your Pimm’s consumption by making these fun ice lollies, you can guarantee they will impress guests! Make And Enjoy Some BerryWorld Pimm’s Lollies This Summer.

Pimms and cucumber because you can!! Yummy!

4 Ways To Pimp Up Your Pimms Tasty Tuesday
Recipe and recipe photo courtesy Waitrose & Partners.

4.) Cherry Pimm’s Punch: Great For Summer Nights & BBQ’s:

Last but not least, do you fancy trying a Cherry Pimm’s punch anyone?

Also a perfect drink for sipping on the garden in Summer or making up for a party or BBQ. How nice!? Cherry Pimm’s Punch: Great For Summer Nights & BBQ’s.

Pimms and cherry’s, a new one for me.

4 Ways To Pimp Up Your Pimms:

Or maybe you fancy trying my favourite recipe because it is so tasty!!

Pimm’s And Lemonade:

Serves One.

2 shots of Pimms

Large handful of strawberries

Around 4 Cucumber slices chopped in half

Ice cubes



1.) Mix all ingredients together and serve in a tall glass. Yummy. Have a fork to hand to eat all the cucumber and strawberry soaked fruit when finished because they taste amazing.

Do you also like Pimms cocktails with fruit?

4 Ways To Pimp Up Your Pimms: Delicious Recipes:

Or maybe you like to pimp up your drinks? So how do you drink yours? Do you love to make pimms cocktails?

Also have you ever tried pimms cocktails with vodka? Maybe you like your pimms with ginger beer? Have you ever tried a pimms and gin?

Would you make a pimms and coke recipe up? My favourite is just simply pimms and lemonade can.

What are your favourite mixers for Pimms? Keep up to date on my latest posts and follow along on Facebook. If you like this post, why not hit the subscribe button?

4 Ways To Pimp Up Your Pimms Tasty Tuesday

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What is Pimms Made Of?

The Pimm’s drink is an alcoholic gin-based spirit. Made by infusing gin with a secret combination of herbal botanicals, caramelised orange and warm spices. It also tastes delicious.

So What Are The Best Fruit And Vegetables To Use In Pimms Drinks?

In my option fresh strawberries and cut up cucumber are so good together. I would like to hear what your favourite ingredients are to try out too.

Afternoon Tea

4 Ways To Pimp Up Your Pimms: Delicious Recipes:

Finally I hope you like this post? If so why not follow along so you never miss a post? So remember you can also share your thoughts here too in the comments below.

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  1. We are a huge summer Pimms family and always looking for new ideas. I made lollies last year and have been meaning to blog them for ages. But I’ll definitely be checking out some of the other ideas x #FullPlateThursday

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