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Diet and Fitness Mondays: Never Ending Story

Diet and Fitness Mondays: Never Ending Story.

Diet and Fitness Mondays: Never Ending Story

Diet and Fitness Mondays: Never Ending Story


6 miles 01 hour 01 mins  10:09 pace

For 2.5 miles my feet hurt ,think its because I have been trying to run more on my toes. I was going to stop but at 2.5 miles it just went maybe I needed to warm my feet up.


4.93 miles 00:41 mins  08:15 pace

Race was tough on trails with lots of hill in but enjoyed it.

I think I did, anyhow!?


6.01 miles 01hour 05mins 10:53 pace


Recovery run after last nights race…

So stiff for 2 miles.


4.68 miles 00:51 mins 11:00 pace

Morning run.

1.5 miles 00:15 mins 10:00 pace

I forgot to press start on garmin.

Club run

3.62 miles 00:33 mins 08:59 pace

10*300 mtrs reps at club,legs hurt after Tuesdays race.

Diet and Fitness Mondays: Never Ending Story

1.04 miles 00:09 mins 57 sec 09:33 pace

Cool down.


1 mile swim/day off from running.


6.93 miles 01 hour 05 mins  09:26 pace

Run with friends.

0.49 mi 00:04:23 08:58 pace

Cool down…(down hill)


7.15 miles 01hour 10mins 09:48 pace

Nice run with a friend,felt a lot easier pace than yesterday.

First biggest mileage week since January.

I am glad to be back on track.

42 miles running.

1 mile swim.

Trying to get more fruit in so every morning I squeeze 2 oranges.

but find the more exercise I do the more junk food I eat.

2 Oranges make this much juice.

Diet and Fitness Mondays: Never Ending Story

Me and my oldest 2 boy’s before Tuesday’s race.

I need some core exercisers in now.

What exercise have you been last this week?

Anything exciting?

Any good healthy eating tips you want to share ?

Happy Monday let’s hope it’s a good week.

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Diet and Fitness Mondays: Never Ending Story

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2 responses to “Diet and Fitness Mondays: Never Ending Story”

  1. Hannah says:

    Wow, how do you manage to go running nearly every day? I can't really manage more than 2 in a go. I tried 3 in a row last week and it nearly killed my legs!! I want to try swimming once a week too but it's much more of a hassle than running. Also want to try pilates for my core. That orange juice looks super yummy =)Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. Hi Hannah,it's so hard some days after a hard club run the night before but after them days i just try to go slow then after the run i feel better somehow 🙂

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